Jon and Kate Gosselin Snub Each Other at Their Kids’ Birthday Party

How fragile is the union between Jon & Kate Plus 8 reality-TV couple Jon and Kate Gosselin?

Apparently, they can’t even be civil to each other for their own kids’ birthday party.

Us Magazine reports that the couple, who have been plagued by rumors of infidelity for the past month, made their first public appearance in two weeks on Sunday at the Blue Falls Grove water park in Pennsylvania.

The occasion: The fifth birthday of their sextuplets.

The mood: Decidedly chilly.

As Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah and Joel tried their best to enjoy their big day, Mom and Dad “hardly interacted at all”—though Jon did take time to talk to Kate’s bodyguard, Steve Neild, who’s been rumored to be having an affair with the mega-breeder.

That must have been an interesting conversation!

When the whole sad travesty of a birthday celebration was over, Jon and Kate left in separate vehicles.

Happy birthday, kiddies.

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