Paris Hilton Promotes Her Movie At Cannes

Paris Hilton Promotes Her Movie At Cannes-photo

Earlier this week, we showed you the trailer for the documentary Paris, Not France.

Now, Paris Hilton has started promoting the flick based on her life at the 62nd Cannes Film Festival. On Tuesday, she attended the Paris, Not France Cocktail Party at the 3.14 Beach in Cannes, France.

Paris looked her typical self, adorned in diamond jewelry and a headband, a long flowy dress, and her permanent accessory, boyfriend Doug Reinhardt. Check out our huge gallery from the party—"loves it!"

Have your say in the comments section: What do you think about this documentary? Will you see it?



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  • Amanda

    If I saw it, I'd only see it to mock it. Heavily.

  • Liv

    P, enough with the stupid a*s headbands already! You look liek a douche!

  • Deva

    I'll only see it if it involves the back of her head getting plastered all over the pavement by a high-powered sniper rifle. This pig is what's wrong with America,

  • lol

    she is lame

  • no one likes paris hilton
    no one likes paris hilton

    yet another paris hilton movie no one will go see......