Amy Winehouse Hospitalized Yet Again

Maybe Amy Winehouse should consider moving permanently into the hospital.

The Scottish edition of the Sun reports that the 25-year-old “Rehab” singer was hospitalized on the Caribbean island of St. Lucia on Friday, following a “booze bender.”

After Winehouse collapsed at her luxury villa—where she’s been staying on an extended Caribbean vacation—worried friends called and ambulance, which transported her to the hospital.

This marks the second time this month that Wine-O has been hospitalized; on May 1, she was rushed to the hospital in St. Lucia after fainting at her place. At the time her British publicist, Chris Goodman, chalked up the fainting spell to “dehydration.”

And though Winehouse was released the same night she was admitted this time around, friends are concerned that her increasing fondness for alcohol is jeopardizing future prospects—such as a concert she’s scheduled to play at London’s Shepherd’s Bush Empire on May 31.

“Amy’s gig might as well be canceled now,” one friend tells the paper.  “She’s not going to make it. It’s not worth her while even if she does make it, it will be a shambles.”

Winehouse’s headlining performance at the St. Lucia Jazz Festival earlier this month offered a liquor-tinged taste of what might lie ahead at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire gig. During the concert, Winehouse reportedly continually ordered to bring her more drinks, despite appearing on the verge of collapse already, and yelled at her backing musicians for playing songs she wasn’t familiar with—before being informed that they were tunes that she had, in fact, written.

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