Cannes Is Overrun With Inglourious Basterds

Cannes Is Overrun With Inglourious Basterds-photo

What Quentin Tarantino's new film Inglourious Basterds lacks in proper spelling, it more than makes up for with star power.

The World War II epic about a group of bounty hunters who track down and brutally kill Nazis had its premiere at the 62nd International Cannes Film Festival on Wednesday, drawing everyone and his brother—along with the world's favorite vampire.

Stars Brad Pitt (along with his babymama Angelina Jolie), Diane Kruger and Melanie Laurent were on hand, along with Sharon Stone, Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt, Emile Hirsch, Joshua Jackson, Dita Von Teese, Joss Stone and—last, but totally not least—Robert Pattinson.

According to The Insider, the film's debut was met with an 11-minute standing ovation. No wonder Tarantino felt compelled to bust out the dance moves on the red carpet.

Have your say in the comments section: Do you plan to see Inglourious Basterds when it hits theaters?



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  • Christina Viering
    Christina Viering

    Would love to be there and see the glitter!

  • bwawey

    To Angiebrad fan:Very well said.At least 4 Angie and Brad,they are doing something 2 help unlike the others who spend their money on themselves only. I hope they would last as a couple because they are great together.

  • frilogy

    To caramel:Why are u including Jenifer Aniston here when she is not even in Cannes.It's been 4 years already since they divorced so get her out of the equation.A man should not be forced to be tied 2 a woman who makes her carreer more important than family.Besides,Pitt's and Aniston's marriage were already in the rocks when he met Jolie.Moreover,if u were Brad,should u force yourself 2 stay married 2 a woman u don't love anymore and vice versa?If u were Aniston,would u like ur man 2 stick with u even if u know that his heart and mind are on someone else?I don't think so unless u are a sadomasochistic person.

  • sofia

    HOT!, Brad is so handsome and Angie sexy,

  • angiebradfan

    TO ALL THE HATERS OUT THERE: "THIS IS THE BEST LOOKING COUPLE IN ALL OF HOLLYWOOD. BRAD IS KING AND ANGELINA IS HIS GODDESS QUEEN." Would you prefer Brad as King and Aniston as his Camilla Parker-Bowles-looking Queen by his side? Puhleez....NOT a pretty picture (imagine all the hair on her face- picture cousin IT) Brad and Angie are Royalty--even if you put aside their movies...all of their humanitarian work and human rights advocacy make them a cut above these superficial, Mexico-vacationing, spa-obsessed whining Hollywood actors and actresses who spend thousands on hair and make-up, but can't spend one penny to help the needy and stand in the muck of war-torn third world countries. These two are the closest to what we have to what ALL OF HOLLYWOOD SHOULD ASPIRE TO. And Aniston....please go into retirement now, it's getting embarrassing ...John Mayer was definitely your low-point.

  • caramel

    Brad Pitt is ugly, always has been (check out old movie, 'Happy Together'), always will be. And Angelina is a weirdo. They are made for each other. Jennifer should be grateful she got rid off the sly git!

  • happy

    Brad and Angelina are so gorgeous. They are still hot for each other after 6 children.

  • Sheila

    A red lip stick and a peach dress, what a combination?

  • dame

    umm lovely dress. but not liking the make up and hair. it doesn't go with the dress's look. both her and brad, well brad more so, are looking pretty ragged when you look at some of the other pictures on other sites. the movie on the other hand has been getting not the best reviews. poor QT - vanity always seems to be getting the best of him for some of his flicks. and ouch - brad's performance is pretty underwhelming and stiff apparently... well it figures. brad's a celebrity. not a true actor...

  • james

    Brad and Angie are still in hot love with each other. So in love and still can't keep their hands off each other.

  • sachet

    ade...How ignorant can you be.

  • Catt

    WOW!! Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were made for each other.. Hot sexxxxay pieces of beauty. I will be there will bells on to see these two hot horney icons.

  • ade

    Yikes...Angelina looks terrible. Those two do NOT like each other anymore.

  • lol

    Angelina and rob pattison look good. no comment for the overrated Brad.