Jessica Biel: Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Beautiful

Jessica Biel appears on the cover of next month’s Allure magazine, looking as hot as ever.

And guess what? She’s sick and tired of being judged for her good looks, which she claims are hurting her career! She says, “Yeah, it really is a problem. I have to be blunt.”

“I’m in there with everybody else, fighting for the good parts. Yes, The Illusionist has made a difference — but a huge, massive difference, so I can pick and choose what I want? No. I just want an opportunity. If you don’t like the audition, don’t hire me! But if you don’t want to even see me — that’s hurtful. And why? You know nothing about me!”

Her last movie Powder Blue, where she plays a stripper, is going straight to DVD, and lately she’s been known for relationship with Justin Timberlake more than anything else.

But she reveals that she has things to do before she gets tied down. “I have no idea if I want to get married,” she says. “I have a lot to do careerwise.”

Readers, have your say: Does it bother you that Jessica Biel is complaining about her looks?