Kate Gosselin Is a Fickle Boss

Apparently, Jon & Kate Plus 8 mom Kate Gosselin isn’t any better to the hired help than she is to her long-suffering husband, Jon Gosselin.

Us Magazine spoke to Gosselin’s former baby nurse Angela Krall, who informed them that Gosselin had fired 40 nurses and nurses’ aides in the three months prior to her hiring.

Sounds like there’s not a lot of job security in the Gosselin household!

Krall goes on to dish that Kate—who, according to rumors, at least has a fondness for her bodyguard—would leave “demeaning” signs in every room of the hours, detailing rules in minute detail, and canned one employee on the spot because she washed her hands at the kitchen sink instead of the bathroom. “Kate flipped,” Krall recalls. “She thought it was cross-contamination.”

Gosselin’s persnickety nature also caused tensions with her father, Kenton Kreider, adds a family insider. At one point Kreider, a preacher, delivered cribs donated by his parishioners to his daughter.

“They didn’t match and Kate rejected them,” the source reveals.


Readers, have your say in the comments section: Do you think you could stand to work for Kate Gosselin?