Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr: Engaged?

Sorry, ladies and gents; it sounds like two of the finer specimens of the human race are that much closer to officially being off the market.

People magazine reports that Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr has been spotted and photographed wearing a piece of bling on her finger that looks suspiciously like an engagement ring from her boyfriend, Pirates of the Caribbean stud Orlando Bloom.

Moreover, no one seems to be denying that the two are engaged.

The pair—who’ve been dating since dating since late 2007—have adamantly denied that they have pans to get hitched in the past, but this time a refutation doesn’t appear to be forthcoming.

“I am aware of the images [of Kerr with a ring on her finger],” Kerr’s rep, Carlii Lyon, says. “However, I am not in a position to comment.” Kerr flew out to the Cannes Film Festival to be with Bloom for one night before turning right around and heading for New York, sparking speculation that Bloom might have dropped to his knee and asked for her hand in the South of France.

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