Shia LaBeouf's New Music Video

Shia LaBeouf's New Music Video-photo

When he isn't airing his dirty laundry to Playboy or walking around with his "sexy" mother, Shia LaBeouf is actually getting some things accomplished!

The Transformers 2 star recently directed a music video for his favorite rapper and buddy Cage's new single called "I Never Knew You." The emotional song is the first single from Cage's upcoming Depart From Me album.

Check out the video below (sadly, a scruffy Shia is only in the first 20 seconds or so):

Looks like Shia learned a thing or two from the many famous directors he's worked with in the past.

Readers, have your say: How do you think Shia did on the video?



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  • Sarah

    And one more thing. Chris - Cage video is awsome as well. They worked soo damn hard on this video!! Chris is good rapper. And Shia and Chris are really good friends and co workers. Ppl are talking down to them. That's just NASTY!! And okay Shia said some stuff in the Playboy interview. Ppl common. GROW UP!! He was meaning that he's proud of his mom. That's ALL. Shayna is great woman "Shia's mother" I'm just saying. You guys whould not want if ppl talk down to YOU. So don't talk down to him or any ppl. He is working soo hard. And he respect his fans! And he's just a normal guy like YOU!! So stop guys!! And get a life!! If you don't have it already!!

  • sarah

    Shia is awsome. I just love him. And you guys should respect him!! Shia is the man LABEOUF!! lOVE HIM MORE THAN HATE HIM PPL!! He's doing great job and i just hate when ppl are talking bad and cruel about him. He is GOOD man. Please ppl. Don't talk bad about him You guys aint no batter. Look in the mirrow!! What do you guys see!! Thank you. - Shia's friend.

  • Robert Pattinson
    Robert Pattinson

    LOL What the eff does this have to do with Robert Pattinson? Shia is better though.

  • tracimac

    I heard that RPattz puked on his mom's shoes once and she disowned him.

  • noah

    at least shia has parents who love him Robert Pattinson's parents don't love him? Is that because he's a racist alcoholic?

  • bawwow

    drunk driving > shia at least shia has parents who love him

  • noah

    drunk driving > shia

  • bawwow

    shia>rob pattinson

  • noah

    Looks like Cage was taking some of the same drugs Shia's parents are on.