Win a Necklace That's Rocked by Your Favorite Idol!

Win a Necklace That's Rocked by Your Favorite Idol!-photo

UPDATE: Congratulations to Season 8 American Idol Winner Kris Allen!  Keep reading for a chance to win a hand-crafted sterling silver necklace!


Celebuzz and Pennyroyal Silver want to give you a gorgeous, hand-crafted, sterling-silver "Through the Keyhole" necklace, as seen above. 

For this current season of American Idol—which comes to an exciting close tonight—designer Tim Foster created custom pieces of jewelry for the top 7 finalists. 

Were you rooting for Matt? Lil Rounds? Anoop? Alison? Danny?  Who do you hope wins tonight—Kris or Adam?

Leave us a comment below! Tell us who your favorite top 7 finalist was (or is) and why for a chance to win this amazing piece of jewelry by a designer who has also adorned your idol!

You'll have until Friday, May 29th to have your say!

Pennyroyal Silver has been designing stunning pieces of limited-edition and custom sterling- silver jewelry for some of the hottest celebrities and musicians around. Their designs are rocked by Miley Cyrus, Audrina Patridge, Jewel, Jack Black and many more stars!

Good luck and check out the gallery of the idols rocking their necklaces!



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  • rajguru

    there is question of simpleand sober ? so is looking Olivia because its white dress and to compare other 2. Black is color for hot, and sexy rich and marigold is tooo bright and for genuine love.

  • Allie

    My favorite Idol is Adam Lambert. Adam is a beautiful person inside and out, with a voice that is beyond belief and charisma to match. I love his art, pre-Idol as well as Idol stuff. His art speaks to me and makes this would a little bit of a brighter place. He is one of the few people I have seen on TV, or in RL for that matter, unafraid to be utterly themselves no matter the results. He had said that he didn't expect to get that far just being his full glorious self, that he thought not enough people would like him. Well, I think he won over the world just being himself. In his words, "Its OK to be different!" and this inspires me. Thank you Adam for all the Light! word up!


    ADAM LAMBERT !!!!!

  • olsivonne

    My favorite idol this season is Danny Gokey! I think he's a perfect role model for our youth. He's voice is amazing and every song that Danny sings he sings it well. He was the only reason I watch AI this season. He made me smile everytime I heard him sing. I got the opportunity to meet him here in Milwaukee. He's really the nicest guy you will ever meet. Danny Gokey you are still my Idol!! May God Bless You! GO GOKEY GO!!

  • kat10oreo

    Adam Lambert, hands down! Every single performance just had me wanting more and more of him every single week! He brought a unique edge that I had yet to witness on the Idol stage.. until Adam set foot. Just his sense of style and fearless attitude set him apart from all the other Idol contestants that I've seen during all eight seasons. He took unbelievable risks and always stayed true to himself throughout the whole process. He is also such an outstanding gentleman, with the outlook of using Idol to challenge himself, instead viewing it simply as a singing competition. And an infectious showman, who was all about putting on a great show for all the fans. Now that is truly an American Idol!

  • atreau

    Adam was my favorite because he's a very talented singer!

  • darkangel16

    Adam Lambert is the best

  • bndraldy

    My favorite idol this season was Adam Lambert! His performances were amazing all the way through the season.

  • pixiegal

    While all of the top were really good in their own ways, Adam Lambert is by far the most talented, charismatic, personable, and amazing contestant that American Idol has ever had grace their stage. From everything I have seen Adam is genuine, humble, gracious, and an all around wonderful person. He completely fills the stage with his presence and once he grabs your attention he doesn't let go, nor do you want to let go. I haven't felt this giddy over a performer in a long time and I really cannot wait to see what Adam Lambert does in the future. I am looking forward to enjoying this amazing showman for many many years!

  • rbailey1958


  • mogrill

    I had a serious toss up between Adam and Danny this Season. I loved em both! Thanks for the chance.

  • garrettsambo

    Adam Lambert has it all. He is amazing. His voice and choice of songs are right on par. He hass a natural stage presence. He is himself not pretending to be someone else.

  • zestywonderland

    I am An Adam Lambert Fan! I was so upset that he did not win! I am ready to stop watching Idol. OH! Well in years to come we will only be seeing Kriss on One Hit Wonders. Adam will rule Broadway & the Silver Screen along with hits records. He will be an Icon! His Talent is out of this world. Who cares what his sexual preffences are. He IS A Entertainer not just sing in which he is a God. He's a an actor & A great one at that! If kids did not vote for Idol Kriss would never have won. I follow Adam on Myspace & Facebook & You Tube! watch some of his Broadway will be blown away!

  • immadiva

    My favorite was Adam. Besides the fact that I thought he was insanely handsome, I loved his presence. He had such a strong confident presence but at the same a humble presence. He also wasn't afraid to be himself and that's how I want to be. Not sure how to get there yet but he was an inspiration. Loved his music and smile. Cannot wait for his album!! Thanks for the chance, the necklace is awesome

  • mhellen

    I was rooting for Danny... awesome voice and such a great guy. He clearly hasn't had any luck and I felt he deserved it. But I was also cheering for Adam (as my twin sister is obsessed with him and if I didn't, I'd have to listen to her haha). If I win, I'll give her the necklace! Thanks for the chance!

  • henglish

    Adam Lambert was my favorite from the start.

  • klp1965

    i love Danny Gokey he has such a great voice..what a shame he didnt win

  • ziggywag

    I was rooting for Kris Allen!

  • sexyboy305

    Adam,, Cause He Has A Wonderful And Beautiful Tone Of Voice. Hes Style Is Amazing Hes Is Fabulous. He Has A Great Sence Of Humor And Great Style. Hes Different From Any Other Person.Hes Just wonderful.I Think he Is A Very Created And Intelligent Person And Deserves Everything He Will get And Im Pretty Sure Hes Future He will Succeed Ass Much As He Will Win The One Thing Such A Great Artist Should Have His Respect Priority And Stranded.Now America Pick Up Your Underwear. The Adamster Is Here Woooo Go Adam.We Love You Muahzzz

  • madamerkf1122

    My favorite out of the final seven was Kris because he is just beginning to tap into the talent that he is capable of. madamerkf at aol dot com

  • iloveadamlambert

    Well My Favorite Idol Is Adam Lambert Why? Because He Was Just So Talented And Different From The Other Idols. His Voice Was So Amazing And Beautiful. His Personality Was One Of the Best On The Show.His Style Was Good.He Had Everything. He Was One Of A Kind Guy!!! And He Was Always True To Himself Throughout The Show. I Loved Those High Notes He Hit And He Could Have Sang Any Genre Of Music. He Was Just That Great And One Of The Best Idol All time Hand Down. I loved The Guy-liner & Black Nail Polish.=] It Made Him Looked Sexy & It Worked Of Him

  • rosannepm

    I liked Adam Lambert from the beginning. He could take any song and make it sound like he wrote it-gives it a unigue twist. What he has done previously on YOu tube is incredible.

  • mojomomma

    It is Adam for me. I sat on the couch with my 14yr old daughter and I still am not sure who got more excited when it was his turn to sing.

  • sharonjo

    I like the soleful sound of Kris Allen! There were many talented contestants! Thanks!

  • di8coke411

    Adam Lambert was my favorite. He was true to himself the entire time and just rocked out every single song. He's brilliant.

  • one18fifteen

    Adam was my favorite. I'm sort of pleased he came in second, as now he isn't tied to AI and the kind of package they want to present for his first record.

  • joannaonthelake

    This season American Idol, in my opinion, had the most talent of all the seasons. Each finalist was amazing and they all had so many unique talents to bring to the stage and to us. I have to admit I favorited Kris Allen the whole time. He is so multi-talented and his voice is magical, but it is also his personality, that won me over. He seems like a down to earth, normal guy who just happens to have the makings to be a super star, now that is pretty darn cool!

  • lvpierson

    Good grief, my fave of all time is Clay Aiken even tho he doesn't sing music I like these days, he's quite amazing! BTW he needs to quit talking about Adam, get real! This year my fave was Kris Allen, his voice just does something to me, I can't explain it but it does give me chills!

  • skynkatesmom

    I LOVED Adam Lambert and Allison was a very close second!! I love that Adam was true to himself and stuck with what he does best!

  • tina12312

    Kris Allen, what a gorgeous voice! Thank you!

  • cinemasista

    My favorite was Danny! Something about his husky voice I thought was soo lovely. Handsome fella too! =) Thanks for the great giveaway!

  • llinda29

    My favourite idol was Adam

  • bookbanklink

    I choose "grits" over"glitz": Cris!

  • joni514

    Adam Lambert...he has it alll going for him!

  • starsmom

    Adam was/is my favorite because he is so talented and unique. I believe that we'll be hearing a lot more from him......for a very long time to come.

  • seahorselady

    I wanted Danny Gokey to win. Love his voice!

  • Ahmed Mansour
    Ahmed Mansour

    you're my shiny princess hayden I love you

  • theamira

    I really loved Allison.

  • jelly15301

    Adam Lambert,His singing moved me.

  • lilacbutterfly

    Lil Rounds, because she is a talented singer with a great personality. :)

  • bearhugs65

    i really liked adam then danny- they could carry a tune- it was a letdown becuase this kris allen has no zip- no zing no spark but they wanted someone who could attract mainstream and teenie boppers

  • joshua123

    Tough choice between Kris and Adam, but I gave it to Adam by a nose. The necklaces are more than just accessories -- they really complete the outfits!

  • tkdsoulkat

    My number one fav was Adam because he was very diverse and different, not afraid to sing far outside the box. It takes bravery and lots of talent to change up songs the way he did. Adam knows who he is and doesn't let what people say change him. I also really enjoyed Allison because of her voice and style. As a third I would say Kris due to his acoustic performances, which I loved.

  • marian10

    Danny Gokey His dancing is just really entertaining

  • adamlambert4life

    Adam Lambert is a great idol.People shouldn't judge him.Its his life.He has an amazing voice.I got chills everytime he sang.He can hit really high notes.He is the most talented idol i ever seen on american idol.i was very dissapointed that adam didn't win.I voted 64 times for him using 3 phones LOL!I cried my eyes out for 30 minutes.Adam was a great sport though.I think most of us would be mad if we were in a competion and didn't win.Adam Lambert will make it big!I've been a fan since his audition.Adam can do any genre of music from rock n roll 2 sweet and soft songs.I love you Adam Lambert

  • wildberry31

    I've got to go with Matt Giraud. That top five was just so diverse and so talented, that I would have been happy with any outcome. And while I'm thrilled for Kris and Adam, to me Matt was just so smooth. His performance of "Georgia On My Mind" during Hollywood week was just stunning. Sure, he had a roller coaster run on the show. But a talent like that won't soon be forgotten. I adore Matt! What a sweet, sweet guy!

  • roknrolljesus

    Adam Lambert was the first real STAR to grace the AI stage. Kris Allen rightfully won the competition because he will fit within those boundaries - Adam's talent cannot be contained in the same manner. I haven't seen that sort of talent since the passing of Freddie Mercury!

  • paige9117

    Adam Lambert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A true star! he is such a gifted talented young man. every week i waited on the edge of my seat to see what original act he was going to pull off! The creativity of his image was unique and original. love Adam Lambert! or how about when he sang ring of fire?!? he made everything his own and to be able to sing like that and a musical theater master is remarkable!

  • linndi

    ADAM LAMBERT ! Seriously what doesn't he have going for him he's one of the most talented people to ever grace the Idol stage, he's so sweet and humble, he's gorgeous, and he has a long successful career ahead of him.

  • aarantxa

    Adam was my favorite eevn though how he looks he made it to the final he sings really good really talented good style not afrai o what people think about him ADAM

  • christianuest

    KRIS ALLEN!!! I knew that he would win from the beginning, even though EVERYONE told me he didn't have a chance against Adam L. Please. Kris Allen not only has a pure and powerful voice, but he is BEAUTIFUL! Adam is more Broadway to me, not necessarily RECORDING ARTIST MATERIAL. He is a great performer, and I expect both to go VERY FAR with their new careers... p.s. TIM FOSTER MAKES BEAUTIFUL JEWELRY!

  • amandaaa

    Adam Lambert!!! He should have won!!! His voice is amazinggg and he has such a great sense of style. i loveeee his black nail polish.

  • gusgus

    I LOVED Alison!! She was so young and SO SO SO SO talented.

  • ellabella

    Danny Gokey all the way! It was such a sham he didn't make it to the final. He's voice was amazing and he had so much soul!

  • nicolegilmore7

    Kris Allen was my favorite! His music is so calm and serene but it had so much power. He has an amazing voice, no wonder he won! I love his voice & he will most definitely sell albums.

  • mane40

    Adam Lambert is the best since AI started!

  • stephm

    My favorite Idol is Adam Lambert. Adam is a beautiful person inside and out, with a voice that is beyond belief and charisma to match. I love his art, pre-Idol as well as Idol stuff. His art speaks to me and makes this would a little bit of a brighter place. He is one of the few people I have seen on TV, or in RL for that matter, unafraid to be utterly themselves no matter the results. He had said that he didn't expect to get that far just being his full glorious self, that he thought not enough people would like him. Well, I think he won over the world just being himself. In his words, "Its OK to be different!" and this inspires me. Thank you Adam for all the Light!

  • applejax89

    My favourite idol this season was Adam Lambert!!! I loved Adam because I think he had this spark about him. Adam has a really good ear for music to be able to pick up on how to nail a song exactly with all the notes and to make it his own. He has an amazing set of pipes to be able to get all the really high notes. Plus I think he's pretty good looking.