Celebs React To ‘American Idol’ Finale

Everyone was shocked by last night’s surprise win on American Idol by Kris Allen, and many celebs have shared their opinion today through their various blogs and twitter accounts.

Check out some of their opinions:

Kim Kardashian: “I am not gonna lie, I am shocked Adam did not win American Idol! I think Kris is talented, has an amazing voice and is adorable but Adam just has IT! Regardless, I think Adam will go on to make many albums and be really successful, as Kris will be too. I dont know, maybe Kris is the safer choice…”

Emmy Rossum: “Adam Lambert seriously did not win? Such a let down. Kid’s gonna be a massive star regardless. Go Lambert!!!”

Giuliana Rancic: “is it just me, or was kris not very excited about winning?”

Joe Simpson: “Ur right.. It is kris! however, I think adam is a huge star. What a voice.. Papa is proud of both guys!!!”

Adrianne Curry: “It’s ok, Adam didn’t win because Americans hate gays. That’s ok, you f–king homophobes, u can have ur cute mediocre singer.”


Looks like an overwhelming amount of celebs were dissapointed about the results, however, season one runner up Justin Guarini had some kind words for the winner: “Just sat down for a one on one interview with Kris Allen. One of the most genuine and humble people I’ve ever met. Gr8 time tonight…”

So who actually voted for Kris? Share your thoughts in the comments!