‘New Moon’ Spoilers Revealed!

A brief warning, Twi-hards—if you don’t want any inside dirt on the upcoming Twilight sequel New Moon, stop reading now and go elsewhere!

OK, are you gone?

Naw, didn’t think so.

Life & Style dishes some details on New Moon in its latest issue, revealing some crucial variations that the cinematic version takes from the Stephenie Meyer book of the same name.

First off, as has already been revealed, Robert Pattinson’s role of Edward Cullen has been beefed up from the book version so that, instead of being summoned as a mere voice in Bella Swan’s head, he will  appear as an apparition. And apparently, Bella will commit some feat of derring-do and push fate in order to make Cullen appear to her.

Also, the film will include a major action scene in which Laurent battles back against the werewolves out to destroy him.

Perhaps most significantly, while Meyer’s novel has Cullen telling Bella that he will only turn into a vampire if they marry, a very different ultimatum will be used in the movie. Have your say in the comments section: How do you think Edward’s ultimatum will differ in the movie?