Tweet of the Day: Pink's Not Impressed

Tweet of the Day: Pink's Not Impressed-photo

The top 12 American Idol contestants opened up last night's finale with their own rendition of Pink's "So What," clad in all-white outfits and not sounding so hot.

The newly married singer tweeted, "i heard it thru the grapevine that someone butchered my song last night on tv.... does that mean ive 'made it?' lol"

If you missed last night's performance, check it out:

Have your say in the comments: Was the performance totally "butchered," like Pink says?


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  • zPINKfan

    Yep, they butchered her song.


    my gosh if i had to hear another word of this video i would kill myself!!!!!! PINK IS THE SINGER LET HER SING IT!!!! PINK IS THE SH*T THESE PU**YS DON'T HAVE IT AND NEVER WILL ******LOVE PINK*****

  • Danielle

    omg gay gay gay!!!you are effing gay you must never have had the opportunity to lick pinks leg or you have never even heard her songs you effing idiot!!!!!! PINK rocks!!!and i hope you wil not be in LA on sept. 18th cause you will definately get your retarded ass kicked so go watch twilight and wait for edward!! at lest pink is sofa king REAL!!!!!

  • April

    I'd much rather be subjected to the above video than anything related to Pink. P!Nk is fabulous and it's your loss if you don't like day you will regret not having gone to see her in concert!!!

  • big baby jesus
    big baby jesus

    I think it's sad that the Kids bop kids sang this song better than these tools, no wonder AI contestants rarely make it.

  • ellabella

    I'd much rather be subjected to the above video than anything related to Pink.