VIDEO: Kara DioGuardi Has Been Working Out

VIDEO: Kara DioGuardi Has Been Working Out-photo

Last night's American Idol finale was entertaining, to say the least. 

While many were shocked that Kris Allen beat out the favorite Adam Lambert to win the eighth season, perhaps a bigger shocker was delivered from controversial fourth judge Kara DioGuardi

When Ryan Seacrest brought back the contestant known as "Bikini Girl" to the stage to accept the Golden Idol award for "Best Attitude" and sing her average version of Mariah Carey's "Vision of Love," Kara surprised the audience by walking on stage to sing with the scantily clad girl. 

Then, she decided to show Bikini Girl, also known as Katrina Darrell, who she notoriously sparred with during auditions, that she has a pretty damn good body too!

Also, Ryan points out the obvious, someone got a little work done. 

Who's got the hotter bod, Kara or Katrina? Share your thoughts in the comments! 



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  • Halle

    Did you see her face when Kara was singing so much better than her and showing her up? She looked like she was about to break into tears because she realized that everyone liked Kara better. Sorry girl, but you're a bitch, a slut, a whore, you're everything that I hate. I hope you have a great life as a stripper, 'cause that's where you'll end up. Tata!

  • amanda

    paula doesnt have to take her clothes off to get attention. kara just comes across as desperate and thats boring! LONG LIVE PAULA ABDUL

  • V

    What a little tramp bikini girl is. I bet Ryan has herpes now.

  • noah

    I'd rather watch baby seals being clubbed than American Idol and this video clip only confirmed that.