Clay Aiken Says Adam Lambert “Made My Ears Bleed”

Aw, yeah; it’s an American Idol runner-up face-off!

Former American Idol contestant Clay Aiken has taken to his blog to trash this season’s AI runner-up, Adam Lambert.

“I only turn the show on once a season, and only to see what the set looks like each year,” Aiken writes. “This year, I happened to turn it during the minute that Adam Lambert was singing ‘Ring of Fire’ and, at that moment, thought my ears would bleed. Contrived, awful and slightly frightening!”

Aiken makes a point of noting, “I couldn’t be happier about the way AI ended this year.” Meaning, presumably, with Lambert’s defeat.

Ouch! And Clay always seemed like such a nice guy.

Even harder to comprehend, how did Aiken manage to type his post with his claws so obviously extended?