Dance Flick Takes a Bite out of 'Twilight' Prom Scene

Dance Flick Takes a Bite out of 'Twilight' Prom Scene-photo

Parodying Twilight seems to be the hot thing to do these days.

Hot on the heels of Cam Gigandet's spoof of the vampire flick on Funny or Die comes news that the latest Wayans Brothers masterpiece Dance Flick—out in theaters on Friday—pokes fun at Twilight's prom scene.

Radar Online reports that the movie's final scene features a prom sequence that's eerily similar to a certain ceremony at Forks High School, right down to the outdoor gazebo dancing. His face caked in goopy makeup and his hair appropriately mussed, Damon Wayans Jr. takes on the role of faux Robert Pattinson, while Shoshana Bush dons a familiar cream cardigan and blue dress to assume the part of quasi Kristen Stewart.

And some people say that the undead aren't funny.

Have your say in the comments section: Does the inclusion of a Twilight parody make you want to see Dance Flick?



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  • Lilly

    you were mad wat the hell i think it was funny were she was like im not scared you just turned around with glitter on your face and you dont even have fangs but ya the music was the same soo dont be mad but the one part im rick james bitch

  • Brooke (:
    Brooke (:

    That spoof on twilight was hilarious because It was true. The movie was good, but some of the things were just LMAOOOO.

  • Alexis

    maybe i'm the only one who realized this, BUT check out 'sparkling wiggles' on i am wondering if the wayans bros. got wind of this video so they used Twilight as their way to incorporate that youtube video. maybe it's simply a coincidence, and a funny one at that. Dance Flick, itself, was only o.k.

  • Mandy

    It wuz ssssoooo funny that I cryed. I laughed my butt off when they made fun of twilight!! I thought it was funny when he had glitter on his face.

  • Ingeyla

    i don't think making fun of twilight wud b funny. i wudn't wanna watch dat movie cuz i kno i'll get mad!

  • Tayanna Brooks
    Tayanna Brooks

    i saw this movie on Friday it was soooo funni but at the end when i saw that had spoof twiight i was sooo mad!!!!!!!!!

  • kim90210

    yeah :))

  • LuvinEmmett1935

    OMG! I wanna go see this movie so much now! Ahh! I bet that scene is hilarious. I wonder if they will make fun of the song? Cuz the song that they play at the prom is so freakin' retarded.

  • Mandie

    YES! I wanted to see that movie already. But, now that there is something Twilight in it, I definitely want to see it. I bet this movie is gonna be hilarious.