Is Adam Lambert Gonna Get Kiss-ed?

Coming soon to a stadium near you—Kiss and Adam Lambert?

Extra reports that the American Idol runner-up—who performed a medley with Gene Simmons and company during AI’s season finale—is mulling an offer from the band to hit the road with them.

“Adam was fantastic. What a powerful and attractive man he is,” raves Kiss bassist/singer Simmons. “He can come on tour whenever he’d like. Of course he’d have to put his armor on because the fans, especially the Kiss fans, take no prisoners. You gotta go big. Gotta be strong. You gotta be a rock, baby!”

And what does Lambert have to say about the opportunity? “That would be amazing…I would love that,” Lambert gushes. “That’d be such an honor. I had so much fun. To perform with Kiss, I would love that.”

At the very least, they could share each other’s makeup.

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