Jon & Kate Plus a Marriage Counselor

Jon & Kate Plus a Marriage Counselor-photo

Well, we all should have seen this coming.

The National Enquirer reports that Jon & Kate Plus 8 stars Jon and Kate Gosselin, whose marriage has been rocked by rumors of infidelity of late, have signed up for marriage counseling—and the sessions may be broadcast on the new season of the show.

According to an insider, Kate was initially reluctant to undergo counseling, let alone let the cameras roll whole doing so, but she's strongly reconsidering it.

"The big question is whether they'll allow cameras into their therapy sessions. TLC would want to film at least portions of the sessions, but obviously Jon and Kate would have to agree," says the insider.

"Jon was all for counseling, but Kate thought their marriage might be too far gone," notes a source. "She would do it for the sake of the children, if nothing else."

Well, sure—the children, and her career.

"Kate wants a future in showbiz, and airing their counseling sessions will shoot the show's ratings through the roof," the insider says.

Have your say in the comments section: Would televised marriage-counseling sessions make you more eager to watch Jon & Kate Plus 8?



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  • stormey

    liked the show when Bridget, Holly& Kendra were on. I wished that Hef & Holly would have gotten married.

  • michelle

    i think you should want to do it , not for the kids but for your self and if not dont go through the pain you are only hurting your kids they can feel your pain of not wanting to be together

  • alexianewton123

    i loved watching it I will really miss it :(

  • mother nature
    mother nature

    I enjoyed watching three protitutes at work..We don't usually get to see the inside of a real whore house...This was fun to see....Also loved to see how they decorated their rooms and took pride in how clean their rooms were, NOT !!!!LMAO

  • nitsnitz

    Although some marriage counselors, psychologists and psychiatrists spend years speculating about the unconscious causes of a person's problem, Board certified marriage counselors prefers to use practical cognitive-behavioral interventions tailored to meet the individual's special needs. These techniques are highly effective. Dramatic improvements in attitudes, interpersonal relationships, behavior, and self esteem usually occur in weeks or months rather than years saving clients time and money.

  • mcw

    Marriage counseling - without a film crew- and a 2 week vacation for JUST Jon and Kate. They may remember what it was about each other that they fell in love with. The blame game is not good for anyone and the only person you can change is yourself!

  • J.

    Kate simply does not realize that you can't continually bark orders at people, particularly a man. It is demeaning, it assumes she always thinks she is right (a little lack of humility there!), and that everyone else is less intelligent that she is. Who would not resent someone who constantly barks orders at them? Kate you have a beautiful laugh and are so pretty and capable of love. Please learn before it is too late how to be feminine and respectful in your demeanor. Quit shouting. Turn down the volume. Respect others opinions. Don't hog the conversation or spotlight. Don't need to always have the last word. Don't drown others out. I'm sorry, I know you plead 8, but pleading 8 isn't a good enough excuse.

  • connorsmom2

    Could those smiles be any more forced? It's pathetic They obviously don't want to be together so they should separate and get the kids counseling for them to understand and deal with the impending/eventual divorce.

  • Those poor kids
    Those poor kids

    She is very narcissistic

  • Freethe Gosselin 8
    Freethe Gosselin 8

    Can't wait for the diagnosis.. (drum roll) "Kate, You have NARCISSISTIC PERSONALITY DISORDER!!!" There.. All done.