Kellan Lutz and AnnaLynne McCord Kiss and Get Cozy

Kellan Lutz and AnnaLynne McCord Kiss and Get Cozy-photo

Kellan Lutz and AnnaLynne McCord set tongues wagging—and did a little tongue-wagging on their own—on Wednesday night.

The New York Post reports that the 90210 co-stars and rumored couple raised eyebrows for the opening of the Gates Lounge in New York by showing up hand-in-hand, settling into a corner table and engaging in a PDA frenzy.

"They were cuddling and kissing at a corner table when they thought nobody was looking," says a witness.

According to the source, McCord was also overheard telling her girlfriends, "It's official."


Thus far the two have denied rumors that they share a relationship off-screen.

Have your say in the comments section: Are Kellan and AnnaLynne totally on as a couple?

Photo source: Getty Images/WireImage



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  • Catherine

    Come on you guys It Is not about looks but It's about people personality I will all ways be a fan of some famous even If they have a girlfriend

  • Amy

    i think they look great together, but wat has he done to his hair :S He is still fit though and in my mind he is still mine :D lol

  • Taylor from hawaii
    Taylor from hawaii

    its so confusing. he should just date ashley greene! no offense annalyne.

  • tototo

    she said to her friends "it's official"? it kinda sounds to me like she's doing it for the media...hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....

  • wolfhaunt13

    I seriously doubt it... Until I see some proof, I won't beleive it. If Kellan says that "He is single", I'll believe him until HE states it himself... Kellan ROCKS!

  • Kim

    Seriously, i Think They Are Making A Cute Couple. She doesn't seem to be THAT much bitch (:P) C'mon Girls, don't be too sad :( They Are Great Together

  • niceandtyde

    oooH! and ....where are the pictures? Hello !!!!. how can they probe it!?...C' mon!!

  • aarantxa

    What Ew , noo Kella :(

  • ObsessionGirl

    i think they are awesome together!! But what is it with celebs hiding relationships???

  • Sonia

    These two OBVIOUSLY like, er, "spending time" together because they are constantly all over each other. But someone in KLutz's camp MUST be telling him to deny it cause that's what he does. Be it in interviews or at conventions, he says he opens up magazines and finds out who his gf every week cuz he doesn't know til he reads about it. Ha ha. I'd be annoyed if I was AnnaLynne. She's good enough to suck face with on TMZ but not good enough to be his out and out gf? It's like My So-Called Life or something.

  • evita1500

    So they are together now? I had seen Kellan's video on TMZ,with her at the airport (super nasty!) and then not to long ago, I watched him on an interview saying he is free as a bird, totally single! So, I guess they are back on or he was just lying to begin with!

  • crys017

    .... ewww... i now hate kellan... thats was soo grosss.... sge isnt even that pretty!!!