Robert Pattinson’s Kisses Don’t Come Cheap

Robert Pattinson sure has a pretty expensive mouth on him.

E! Online reports that kisses on the cheek from the Twilight heartthrob were auctioned off during Thursday’s amfAR Cinema Against AIDS benefit, and the price tag was pretty hefty.

According to an attendee, movie mogul Harvey Weinstein “suggested auctioning off an opportunity for someone’s daughter to meet and get a kiss on the cheek from Pattinson” and that “Rob agreed to it in his usual brooding, modest way.”

Two bidders ponied up big-time for the opportunity, shelling out a total of $55,000 for a peck on the cheek.

Fifty-five grand, and no tongue? Seems a little steep.

Have your say in the comments section: How much would you pay for a kiss from Robert Pattinson?