The New ‘Melrose Place’: Sydney’s Getting Bumped Off Again

The revamped Melrose Place isn’t even scheduled to hit the small screen until the fall, but already major plot developments are making their way onto the Internet.

E! Online reports that, in a deja vu-inducing twist, Sydney Andrews will be killed off in the first episode. Kinda like she was in the original ’90s series.

Fans of the O.G. Melrose Place will recall that Sydney—portrayed by Laura Leighton—was supposed to be fatally run over in a car accident on her wedding day. And now the producers of the new series have brought Leighton back, only to apparently drown her in a swimming pool. Sydney’s death—she’ll appear in flashback scenes throughout the season—will reportedly spark a season-long murder mystery plot on the show.

Why would they reprise a character just to off her again at the beginning of the season? Apparently, the plot originally called for character Amanda Woodward to be bumped off, but when Heather Locklear declined to sign on for the revamp, Sydney stepped into the corpse role.

Well, hey; she has experience with that sort of thing.

It’s not yet known how the writers will manage to resuscitate Sydney from her first demise in order to knock her off again.

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