VIDEO: Jon and Kate Gosselin Prepare for Another Season of Misery

VIDEO: Jon and Kate Gosselin Prepare for Another Season of Misery-photo

America's couple-of-the-moment, Jon and Kate Gosselin, return to the airwaves with another season of Jon and Kate Plus 8 on Monday, and to prepare the masses for the shock of it all, TLC has released a special sneak-preview video.

The preview shows the couple, who've been embroiled in rumors of infidelity lately, "celebrating" the fifth birthday of their sextuplets. Over-dramatic as always, Kate declares that it "gives her a heart attack just thinking about" the fact that her youngest kids are five.

Jon, for his part, looks like he's wondering if it's possible to slit his own wrists on his wife's bizarre angular hairdo.

Check out the video and have your say in the comments section: With all of the gossip and drama that have been revolving around the Gosselins lately, are you eager to tune in to the new season?



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  • sinsofanangl

    Ive been reading all this crap about Kate being everything from a byach to a tyrant. So is that supposed to excuse Jons actions? They have 8 kids together, thats TONS of stress on a person. So yes, NOW she has help caring for them. I watched the new season last night, the 5th bday part for the sextuplets, and saw how she could barely look at him, and vise versa. I felt horrible for them both. Fact of the matter is, Jon should have kept it in his pants!! Good, bad, or indifferent, Kate loves him, and she's hurt, with good reason. I really wish that he would of thought more about the kids, when he had, and less about his penis!! You really screwed up Jon, did you ever stop to think about how this will effect your children? People talk, children REPETE what they hear! I have NO respect for you!! Kate, I saw how hurt you wear, and could see your heart breaking, he strong. I wish you and the kids well