VIDEO: Vanessa Hudgens' Bandslam Trailer

VIDEO: Vanessa Hudgens' Bandslam Trailer-photo

Zac Efron isn't the only one moving on from High School Musical.

Efron's gal, Vanessa Hudgens, stars in the upcoming dramedy/musical Bandslam, in theaters on August 14, and we have the trailer right here, right now!

In the movie, Hudgie Bear plays high school student Sam, who teams up with a bunch of misfits to form a rock group and compete in a massive musical competition.

Hmm; wonder who wins?

Check out the trailer and have your say in the comments section: Will you check out Bandslam when it hits theaters?



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  • Lounah

    err, mmm. Baby V doesn't fit to be in a band.

  • tina

    good and funny

  • awurbii

    This is the first trailer but its not the official one. The second one is much better and shows you more of yhe film! I was suprised to be honest because when i first heard about this film i thought it was going to be really bad but after watching the second trailer, it looks pretty good!! By the way, this is not a musical.

  • tiff

    Shouldnt this movie premiere on the disney channel not theaters. People really would spend money to go watch this movie???


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