Kate Gosselin: “Everything’s Falling Apart!”

Poor Kate Gosselin.

The Jon & Kate Plus 8 reality-TV matriarch—whose marriage to husband Jon Gosselin has been rocked by allegations of infidelity lately—admits in a trailer for her show’s new season that “everything’s falling apart” in her union.

“I feel like the world is sitting on my shoulders,” the mother of eight says with characteristic melodrama.

Meanwhile, hubby Jon’s not feeling too swell about the state of their union either. 

“I can’t be myself,” Kate’s mate-for-now confesses in a testimonial. “I’m not feeling so hot right now. I might as well be in prison.”

Oh, noes!

But fear not; Kate—who’s currently in marriage counseling with Jon—vows to hold her head up and stay strong.

“I will not give up,” she says. “I will not lay down and die.”

What a brave little soldier.

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