Kate Gosselin: "Everything's Falling Apart!"

Kate Gosselin:

Poor Kate Gosselin.

The Jon & Kate Plus 8 reality-TV matriarch—whose marriage to husband Jon Gosselin has been rocked by allegations of infidelity lately—admits in a trailer for her show's new season that "everything's falling apart" in her union.

"I feel like the world is sitting on my shoulders," the mother of eight says with characteristic melodrama.

Meanwhile, hubby Jon's not feeling too swell about the state of their union either. 

"I can't be myself," Kate's mate-for-now confesses in a testimonial. "I'm not feeling so hot right now. I might as well be in prison."

Oh, noes!

But fear not; Kate—who's currently in marriage counseling with Jon—vows to hold her head up and stay strong.

"I will not give up," she says. "I will not lay down and die."

What a brave little soldier.

Have your say in the comments section: How much longer do you give the Gosselins' marriage?



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  • Waffles

    Maybe just maybe if the media didn't stalk them it wouldn't be such a big deal. I know they have a show and parade their kids around but now it's being made into a bigger deal they it is! Husbands cheat all the time! And Some Wives are right down mean. The media all adds fuel to the fire, then if they did stop their show I bet the media would still be camping right outside their house waiting for the next move.

  • noneya

    Well after seeing all the misspelled words and the incredibly stupid ways of getting around the little red line that tells you your word is misspelled I have realized one thing... you're all idiots! Okay, that's not completely fair, you're mostly all idiots. That's why you're so obsessed with this family. I wonder how many of you would flounder under the harsh glare of the lime light? My guess... 100% of you. What do they say, "Never argue with an idiot, they drag you down to their level and the beat you with experience." I'll let Jon and Kate live their lives, and they will let me live mine. Wow, what do you know, there's still a bit of respect in this world after all!

  • Georgie


  • sil-

    I love the gosselins and i feel really bad for what they r going through. i love jon and kate as well eventhough she is so demanding but the best thing to do, i think just call the show quits and save their family. jon and kate... i love you guys!!!! of course, the kids too!!!!

  • Louise

    I made the mistake of watching the new season's first show that I had taped Monday night. Kate is a mess. She proudly announced that it is her JOB to travel around the country to make personal appearances and leave her family alone. This is very sad. Kate: Your job is parenting 8 children to adulthood. Your JOB is making sure that your children are mentally and physically healthy and raised in a non-violent environment. Watching Mady explode at every opportunity is sad. She is a mini-Kate. She has all the anger and rage, but no ability to cope. She abuses her siblings and lashes out at everyone. Kate, I hope that you are happy. Your children will be the same dysfunction mess that you are. What a legacy that you are leaving the world! 8 children in long time therapy and a husband that is so beaten down by your anger and rage that he has totally shut down.

  • Laini

    The show has really become Jon + 8 and Kate + Hate. The complaints about Kate are not new. I was a major fan of the show even when it became painful to watch her verbally abuse her husband just for fun. We need to reach out to TLC and get this show cancelled. If this does not work, we need to start boycotting the sponsors. The family, especially Kate and Mady, need to be in therapy. If Kate wants to be famous, she can use her anger and abusive nature on Survivor or some other reality show where her children are not involved. God made her unable to have children for a reason. She is not fit to raise a dog. Eileen O'Neill TLC President Discovery Communications, LLC 1 Discovery Place Silver Spring, MD 20910

  • April

    Jon and Kate need to take a break and find each other again. They look like they love each other very much. I think the lights and camera are in the way of them seeing each other. I am rooting for you two. And hope that you will see what you did when you got married..

  • single mom
    single mom

    I am so saddened to see what is happening to this family, but I have seen it coming for a while. I have told my girls (who love the show and have watched it since the first episode) that if Kate continued to belittle her husband and be so critical of him in front of the camera's that their marriage was headed for big trouble. I told them that if she speaks that way in front of the camera's she is more than likely even worse off camera. Since it appears she has alianated her family and is exploiting her children for money I find TLC despicable for continuing to keep this show on the air. I am a single mom with 4 kids which I have adopted that range in age from 13-20. I have had them all since infants and three came from the foster care system. What Kate is doing by keeping her kids in front of the camera's while going through this family crisis is blatent child abuse. There is no money or fame in the world worth destroying your family. 10 years from now if you ask these pook kids if they woluld rather live in their middle class neighborhood without all the material possesions with both of their parents vs having the huge house, property and fame with a broken family, I am sure the kids would pick the smaller house with Mom and Dad there for them. I wonder if these kids will be able to sue their parents for the exploitation when they are older. Jon needs to be the man of the house that God expects him to be, get his kids out of the TV nightmare. I don't believe any judge would site with Kate to continue this public viewing of a family in crisis. Get these grandparents, aunts and uncles back in thse kids lives and be a real family. Kate you need to quite whining and acting like a prima donna and be a mother to these kids instead of them being your meal ticket. Trust me you can do it. As I stated I am a single mom and have raised all 4 of my kids working full time as a nurse practitioner. I have worked nights, I am sure taken years off my life due to little sleep, sent my kids to a private school or homeschooled them. Did my own laundrey with 1 washer and dryer.....at least 3 loads/day, used hand me downs, made everyone of my kids sport events. I have been told I need to write a book about my kids and our family because it is quite extraordinary......but I refuse to exploit my kids. There is no money in the world worth it.

  • Joy

    I called this months ago. It was only a matter of time until he couldn't take her annoying ass. I mean seriously, she is too much, even though I do understand a lot of what she does. What does she expect, she didn't let him talk or even breath! She is really difficult to deal with and like and she's just so dramatic and egotistical. She's also never wrong. She always tells the kids "be kind" but she was never kind to her own husband. He's a little doggie who misbehaved, of course she's angry. So sad. The kids seem really different. Esp. Mady who used to be just like her mom. I think the time with her dad recently has calmed her for the better!

  • Deb

    I am also a mom of multiples, and still awake responding to my e-mail after a long weekend, I have a hubby that works long hours to provide for our family of 7 and know what it is like to do the bulk alone, I am the shopper, counselor, teacher, ring master, and mom, I am not looking for any help and have not asked. But I have noticed in recent years Kate is always putting out plugs that she needs something, e.g. we could not get married in Hawaii because the family would not attend, and then a wedding renewal in hawaii, I have lots of laundry a new washer and dryer appear (I do 7 loads of laundry daily) I have one washer and dryer, and a clothes line. You don't need two and for free, the episode of the dirty ref (hours to clean the mold out, and then she gets all new appliances, what was that all about. There are lots of people with lots of kids and rocky marriages, no money, both people unemployed, houses under valued, stocks and income lost, and they still function. I was a big watcher of Jon and Kate plus 8 I enjoyed the kids growing up and remembering my kids at that age, I had a successful business and transported my twins and newborn all in baby carriers back and forth, changed and washed and ran a floral business until my second set of twins, and I survied. Kate you need to have a bit more compassion, you always say it for the Kids, I gave up my business and my Wharton Degree to be there for my kids, it is financially tight but they have what they need and are happy, they like I volunteer to do library duty, attend field trips, be a room mom, that is what being there for the kids is. A mom that is there and not just for the paycheck. The kids don't know or care about the money they want the parents there when they fall and cut there leg, when they bring home a 100 in class they were struggling with, there when the bully is teasing them because they ripped the leg of there pants on the play yard, that is what they really want. I have teenager twins 14 a 13 and twin 10's and let me tell you they remember the things you will never imagine.

  • enoughofthem

    Kate is a money grubbing publicity hound. Get real jobs, go back to normal life, and try to salvage what's left of your family. This show soooo far from reality it's not even funny. I hate it when she talks about "multiples" as if she's the only one that's ever done this. Look at the Table for 10 people. They have sextuplets and TWO sets of twins. The Duggars don't go on and on about having 2 sets of twins dispersed among their 18 kids! Shut the hell up about it and get over yourself Kate. An affair is never justified but in this case, I can almost understand it. All these years Jon has been put down, kicked and had salt rubbed in his wounds. Stop doing this to your kids. Someday they are going to look back and see all this. You should be ashamed.

  • katesfate

    I hope this new season ends with Jon shoving the barrel of a gun in Kate's mouth and pulling the trigger. I'd watch that show.

  • hispanicatthedisco

    I hope this new season ends with Jon shoving the barrel of a gun in Kate's mouth and pulling the trigger. That woman is a stone-cold harpie who's not doing anyone any good. And yes, if Jon was was horrible a person as Kate is, I would say she should do the same. So save your outrage, Kate apologists.

  • webmonkeydc

    Instead of spreading gossip and hate, you can really help Jon & Kate: http://richardtgarner.blogspot.com/2009/05/i-can-honestly-say-jon-is-my-best.html

  • motherofmultiples

    Kate has a backbone, and people don't like it, so they are excusing Jon's alleged behavior with the teacher, which is disgusting in my opinion. Also, the comments about Maddy are outrageous, especially from people who claim their degree in Sociology has qualified them to make that assertion! I can only imagine who these perfect people with their perfect parenting skills, and perfect spouses, as if they wouldn't accept money to provide the best circumstances and the best care (yes, fire 40 of em if they don't muster up...your kids are worth it!). Jon needs to MAN UP, so America doesn't have another absentee father, which has become so indicative of our culture...I hope they do stay together, but if they don't, Jon clearly doesn't want the responsibility!

  • motherofmultiples

    Kate is a highly organized mother who has to ask Jon to help her every minute of the day while he sits around, hating the fact that he has to pitch in. I think she is being the best mom she knows how to be, which is all we can ever hope for. If they break up, it would be representational of the new American family with the absentee father out of the picture. Jon needs to MAN UP, so Kate doesn't have to do everything. Of course it looks like Kate is asking for help: SHE NEEDS IT!

  • mrsofficernz

    If they hadntve become 'celebrities' nothing wouldve happened. Being on oprah was enough why couldnt they just leave it at that.

  • Erin

    Kate can be bitchy and quick to yell, but she has been that way from day one. jon fell in love with kate knowing what her personality was like. Jon can be irritable and distant. Neither of them are perfect. Even if you think Kate is a bitch, that in no way makes it right for Jon to fool around on her. I'm tired of people saying she 'deserves' it. And Jenn, how dare you say 'she can do nothing right with those children?' She loves them and is affectionate. They are intelligent. So Mady has behavioral issues, one out of eight isn't bad. The rest of well behaved and respectful. Anyone can have a bratty kid, and I've never seen Kate encourage Mady's antics. My mom wasn't a make-believe pleanantville mom. She was tough, encouraging, and most of all loving. And okay, maybe she was bitchy sometimes. But, she still raised three great kids. Get off Kates back.

  • Maggie

    I don't care how bitchy or OCD she is. Jon still has no excuse for what he did. He knew what he was marrying from day 1 so he shouldn't be all "woe is me" about the way she handles things.

  • Jenn

    I can't believe people are actually sympathizing with that raving bitch troll from hell, Kate Gosselin. She is horrible to Jon. He can do nothing right with those children. She is a micromanager and anyone would be driven to madness being married to a shrew like that. The only child of her litter she seems to care anything about is that brat Mady, and only because she's "just like mommy!" Poor little Cara is treated like the red-headed stepchild. I feel really bad for Jon. He's put up with a lot of crap, everyone has their breaking point. It's just a shame Kate is getting exactly what she wants out of this; publicity.

  • Laura

    I think any chance for reconciliation ended the second they decided to publicly air their dirty laundry...

  • steve

    Kate is a horrible person.

  • alyse

    Most married couples have problems, and just like celebrities, when you're in the media, your problems are put on blast. And on top of what appears to be a stressful marriage they have EIGHT children that need to be taken care of. Yea they can quit the show (per allowance of their contract) but who will support the kids? Surely not Jon's one job. So while everyone is quick to judge, think LOGICALLY and look at the bigger picture. The show is paying for the kids AND their counseling I'm almost sure...a cancellation is not coming anytime soon whether both parents are involved or not.

  • Janice J
    Janice J

    I am positive they are not in marriage counseling. How can they be when Kate is gone 18 days out of the month?

  • andrea

    Having stayed in a marriage for over 20 years and knowing for at least the last 10 that we really don't even like each other much I have to tell Kate and Jon that it's best to end it now. I thought it was best to stay for the children but it's just not, no matter how many you have. They will never really be partners again and you have to have at least that to have a marriage. If they stay they'll end up being destroyed in so many ways and have nothing when the children are grown and have left. End it now and try to do the best co-parenting you can for the kids while still trying to have a life for yourselves. Everyone told me the same and I didn't listen. They were right....

  • bunny

    It's just a matter of before Jon seeks a divorce. Their marriage has never been strong on the show. Jon has always looked grumpy and quick to complain about everything Kate does. I think he's suffering from clinical depression. Are you for real? Anyone would be grumpy if they had to be married to that woman. All she does is holler at the guy and correct everything he says and does.

  • christianuest

    I really need to fix her hair. Maybe then she will remember how to be a real parent.

  • Michelle

    Jon and Kste Gosselin are perfect examples of how NOT to parent. You have to get a license to get married, drive, go fishing....but they'll let any doofus have kids.

  • cayly

    i think they should be a family again because think about your kids.jon you need to said sorry to kate

  • Melanie

    Ditch the show and save your family if that is possible...I'm not an consitatant viewer but I have watch more than a few shows and the marriage didn't seem all that solid, they seemed a bit mismatched but that is my opinion. I wonder why John and Kate, if this is the reason for how their personality comes off; let them edit them in the manner they have.. she comes off as controlling and a overbearing B***H. And he comes off as a whimp that can't get a word in edge wise.

  • goblue

    Kate married a boy and he never grew up- she could keep him under her thumb only so long then he decided he was sick of being mothered.He wanted a wife-she has no idea how to be a help mate she wants to be the boss...poor guy if my husband had yelled at me like that in the toy I would have ...well it would not be pretty.If she pays him to stay and play nice they might still be on TV next year but not as a typ. American family--they are way to highbrow for that at this point.I prefer Table for 12--that mom looks like a real mom and they interact like a real family and the dad has a job...he is not just pimping out the kiddies.

  • Judy

    Jon I just have to tell you my family is so tired of Kate slapping you around for about 6 months we started saying if the show was Jon and 8 without Kate we would go back to wathing the shoe, Kate is to whinny makes the kids whinny and fight Jon we are rooting for you Jon you Rock, Not to mention you are a hot looking man

  • andrea

    I think it's really sad that their marriage is in term-oil and they love the show but if they stay in the light of papparatzi their marriage will surely fail.

  • Paul

    I have never seen a couple as comfortable with each other as these two. Everyone goes through rough times once in a while but they will get thru it.

  • Cassandra

    Personsally I really liked the first few seasons of Jon and Kate plus 8 but anymore I think that Kate has gone off the deep end w/ fame and fortune, and I feel really sad for Jon, she is a raging bitch towords him. Most off all its heart wrenching for the children, I think the show should be canceled and they should work on the whole family with no interverence from the media. If she cared about her family as much as she claims she does that's what needs to happen. they are set for life just call it quits with TLC Kate they will undertand.

  • marriage

    He is a grump and she is a warden. They need to stop taping the show and save their marriage- let their 16 minutes die off. Its so obvious that if they stay in the spotlight, the marriage will fail.

  • June

    It's just a matter of before Jon seeks a divorce. Their marriage has never been strong on the show. Jon has always looked grumpy and quick to complain about everything Kate does. I think he's suffering from clinical depression.