Tim Gunn Is Getting Some Comic Relief

Tim Gunn, superhero? Believe it, for it is so.

The New York Times reports that the Project Runway guru will star in the first issue of an upcoming Marvel Comics mini-series, Models Inc., which hits stands on August 26.

In the issue, Gunn will don an Iron Man costume to save a fashion show from being ruined by a bunch of evildoers.

The plot of the series involves the murder of a set designer during Fashion Week. When diva Millicent Collins (aka Millie the Model) is accused of the dirty deed, a bunch of other runway walkers—including Spider-Man’s girlfriend, Mary Jane—join forces to clear her name.

Whew; sounds like a real nail-biter!

For his part, Gunn is excited for his super-transformation. “I’m not certain of the particulars of how I’ll be portrayed, but I’m really excited about it,” Gunn notes. “To say I’m a character in a comic book is wild!”


Readers, have your say in the comments section: Does it make sense for Tim Gunn to star in a comic book?