VIDEO: Mischa Barton in 'The Beautiful Life'

As you probably know by now, Mischa Barton is making her TV comeback on the CW's upcoming fall CW show, The Beautiful Life. 

Here are two clips to get you excited about the Ashton Kutcher produced show, which follows the life of beautiful models as they try to make their way in the highly competitive modeling biz. 

Readers, have your say: Are you excited for this new show? 



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  • Neecie

    Love it!

  • rio

    yay! Another show the youth of today can interpret that drugs and promiscuity are the epitome of a beautiful life! nice CW!

  • alavanille

    1st clip bored me to tears. 2nd one looks marginally better. am liking the blond "underdog" and that male model...

  • Halle

    I'm just wondering how Mischa can prance around in her underwear when she has all that cellulite on the back of her thighs. :-/ I didn't see it here.

  • christianuest

    When does is start! Ashton Kutcher really is a genius and knows how to make money. It should be great! Drugs, Fame, and SEX=MONEYMONEYMONEY