Hayden Panettiere Leaves Club With Justin Long

Hayden Panettiere Leaves Club With Justin Long-photo

Wait, what is this!

Hayden Panettiere is rumored to be going out with 32-year-old british presenter Steve Jones but here she is  leaving the VIP Room in Cannes accompanied by Justin Long.

Justin, 30, recently broke up with Drew Barrymore, but the couple has been spending a lot of time together recently. 

We all know that Hayden has a thing for older guys. Could this possibly be a new fling? 

Readers, let us know: Do Hayden and Justin make a cute couple?



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  • bontybahr

    or they could just be friends.... being a celebrity doesn't mean you can't have friends from the opposite gender baby gates for stairs

  • ronellcost

    study unfccc recent increase york

  • Jas

    They could just be mates..duh

  • girl

    So pretty she is! but I am wondering why she created a pro file at "r i c h P a s s i o n .c o m"? It is a site for single rich people and celebrities.

  • dreadnot

    Hayden can try to "hook up" with as many talented guys as she wants. Talent doesn't just "rub off", or "spill into you", Hayden. Keep at it, though, it never hurts to try. Well, it can, but they have pills, creams, ointments and salves for that stuff.

  • yumen

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  • tashpattz

    I love that they are kinda wearing matching jackets! Yes, I think they are SUCH a cute couple! And as for Hayden having a thing for older guys, older guys seem to be waay more nature and waay more experienced! (; I love older guys! x

  • hispanicatthedisco

    She totally gave him a Rusty Trombone.

  • S

    Why do they have to be "dating", they could just be hooking up for the night.

  • tazchin

    i dont think sooo....