Paris Hilton And Doug Reinhardt Make Out, Get Kicked Out Of Party

Paris Hilton and boyfriend Doug Reinhardt just can’t get enough of each other.

The couple has been a staple at the Cannes Film Festival over the past week and their over the top PDA seems to have finally caught up to them. The couple was invited to an exclusive party on Elton John’s friend David Furnish’s yacht and things turned ugly. 

According to the Mirror, as soon as they arrived at the party they started acting out of control. A source says, “As soon as Paris arrived she had her tongue down Doug’s throat. Everyone kept saying how inappropriate they were being but Paris didn’t care who was looking. They got so worked up she dragged Doug below deck so they could have some private time. But as they were closing the cubicle door so they could tear into each other, they were caught out. David spotted them and the captain was furious. He kicked them off for unsociable behaviour. Everyone congratulated the captain.”

Oh, fun times!

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