Adam Lambert: Fit for a Queen?

Adam Lambert: Fit for a Queen?-photo

American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert has been getting all sorts of interesting job offers since losing out to Kris Allen in the AI season finale last week.

First rock 'n' roll jesters Kiss extended an open invitation for Lambert to tour with them at some point.

And now Brian May, guitarist from Queen—who also played with Lambert during the season finale—says that he'd like the guy-linered AI sensation to play with them.

"Amongst all that furor, there wasn’t really a quiet moment to talk [about a collaboration]," May tells Rolling Stone. "But [drummer Roger Taylor] and I are definitely hoping to have a meaningful conversation with him at some point. It’s not like we, as Queen, would rush into coalescing with another singer just like that. It isn’t that easy. But I’d certainly like to work with Adam. That is one amazing instrument he has there."

Queen originally rose to fame with the operatic vocals of Freddie Mercury, who passed away in 1991, but recently ended a four-year run with former Bad Company singer Paul Rodgers.

Have your say in the comments section: Does Adam Lambert have the pipes to fill Freddie Mercury's shoes?



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  • Jacob Black  Is So Hot
    Jacob Black Is So Hot

    adam is so hot its ture he didnt win the idol i cried and froze in shock Jacob Black is so hot who wouldnt think that new moon is coming November 20 2009 cant wait Jacob Black Is So Hot

  • Emily

    hes so hot and yes he can be the lead singer [Emily Adam ] Cute name Just Saying

  • Ada Minkin
    Ada Minkin

    would love to see Adam portray [film/stage?] the young King, Elvis Presley

  • Adamholic2

    I've read so many blogs and comments by others who feel as I do about Adam...what IS it about him that makes us just crazy in love with this gay performer even though I am a straight female. He is SO FAR the best that has EVER set foot on the Idol stage. One of my thoughts early on was that I HOPE Idol will take a clue and other talented ARTISTS will realize what a great platform this has been for Adam and take the opportunity to do the same. This season was a REAL treat, and I fell that AMERICA WON this year because we were treated to an ENTIRE season right through the finale with Adam!!! I too have been stalking him on line...I cannot go to bed at night with out googling to see if there is any new news about him!!! I am THRILLED that I already have my tix to see him in July...CANNOT WAIT!!!

  • alex

    he lost because more than half of the american men and women older than 40 are still kind of homophobic, they don't hate gay people per say, but they feel it's not a good example for their kids... I love Queen and even though Freddy is irreplaceable, I would love to see adam working with them!!

  • alambe

    I’m a devout Christian and mother of two music-loving boys, and I must ask: What is wrong with America? America’s vote for Kris Allen, or America’s vote against Adam Lambert, seems to be a hate vote against the various sectors of society that Adam appears to stand for. People lost respect of the fact that American Idol is a singing talent competition open to all -- straight or gay, Christian or Jewish, clean-cut or flamboyant glam, etc. Voters forgot that it is not a popularity contest for class of persons — neither an arena to battle for coalition leadership nor grounds to crusade for a religious revival. In Season 8, Kris demonstrated that he is a skilled musician and an outstanding vocalist; but Adam consistently proved to be the amazingly innovative vocal artist and the versatile singer, gifted with a powerful voice. Adam deserved to win. Even visibly perplexed Kris acknowledged this glaring truth in his Christian heart so that he openly asserted in public that “Adam deserves this. I’m sorry…” when he was unexpectedly handed the undeserved title. So many seconds passed before bewildered Kris finally acquiesced to receive the undeserved crown, but only after Adam graciously approached to place a brotherly arm around his room mate’s shoulder in a gesture of encouragement. Hello, brothers and sisters -- American Idol is a singing contest and Adam Lambert is the real winner! I should also ask: What is wrong with Fox TV’s American Idol show that they instigate such warped controversies and divisiveness to occur at a time like this?

  • QueenLover

    If i were Adam....I would do Queen like she was the last chick on earth! then do a solo project down the road!

  • jory


  • amanda

    i think it's better that adam didn't win. although i rooted for him, as runner up, he is not bound to the AI contract.. in addition, the contestants who don't normally win are usually more successful (clay aiken, chris daughtry, jennifer hudson etc.) the only truly successful winners are carrie underwood and kelly clarkson

  • Anna

    Even though that is an a amazing opportunity for him, I would really like to see him do his own thing and become his own star. Heck, he already is a huge star. Had been all through the Idol season. He was the one really making people notice. Sad he didn't win, but really it might turn out for his own good. :) One can hope and pray. He is an a amazing vocalist. an amazing performer, and a very sweet guy! :) May God bless you, Adam!!

  • Mary

    I do hope to one day see ADAM in concert...I'm not young..63. I think he has a BEAUTIFUL voice.

  • Sharyn

    Adam is the ONLY contender for Freddie's shoes, there IS no one since until now. Adam is going to be hugh with Queen or all by himself. And i for one hope he goes it alone.

  • Laurie

    Adam has the voice, the range, the stage presence and would be a perfect fit for Queen. They will sell out their venues on a tour, guarantee it. Adam will be a superstar without it, and I'm sure Freddie would love it (he's looking down smiling). It sure would be a great gig!

  • serker

    I fear that Adam was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Given the recent Miss California incident, where she claimed that she lost the title due to her comments, Adam suffered the same fate based on his background (which seemed to eek out in the mainstream just a couple weeks after). Perez Hilton ruined it for everyone--by creating a furor in a pageant (why are we discussing sexuality issues in a bimbo contest?), it opened the door to discussing sexuality in AI, and about every other venue where sexuality isn't the point. I DO think that Adam lost out because he "flamed" a bit too much at a time when the topic was already too heated for a majority of the audience. Thanks, Perez...

  • Greg Huntoon
    Greg Huntoon

    There could not possibly be a better fit for Queen now than Adam Lambert. My only complaint about the guy (that he's too dramatic) is completely nullified if he fronts the oft-theatrical Queen. Man, listening to him wail on the finale made me think that he's really the only man for the job.

  • Elmala

    No one can compare to Freddy Mercury. Queen isn't Queen without him...

  • jamie

    he says he lost becuase he was gay....people arent that judge mental...are they?