Adam Lambert Will Celebrate Diversity on His Debut Album

During his run on this season of American Idol, runner-up Adam Lambert proved that he pretty much has the chops for any genre.

And as E! Online reports, he plans on flexing that versatility on his debut album.

“My view of the record industry is that it’s a little too specific lately,” the much-in-demand warbler opined at a recent press conference. “The labels tend to try to put one box around every artist and keep them in one genre. We don’t have to go about it that way. Obviously, we want the album to have a cohesive sound. But I think it can kind of be a collection of different styles with me at the center of it [as] the common thread.”

And while Lambert’s fondness for flash and glitz earned him the well-deserved nickname Glambert, don’t expect the forthcoming record to be a full-on glam-fest. “I don’t want to do one specific genre. I’m more about fusion,” Lambert offered. “If anything I’m more fond of the’ 70s glam feel than the ’80s, even though I have that style of vocal. There are a lot of pop artists that are using the quote-unquote glam kind of vibe in their music currently. So I think I’m part of a wave and there just happens to not be many guys doing it right now.”

Which isn’t to say that Lambert is toning down his act for the sake of eclecticism. He promises a full-on dose of the theatricality that one would expect from a Lambert joint. “First and foremost, it is about the music, but [being theatrical] kind of packages it in a little more of a flashy, interesting, dynamic way,” Lambert noted. “Theatricality is just one way of performing. It’s my way. My favorite artists are artists that are theatrical.”

That sound you just heard was the guyliner manufacturers of the world issuing a collective sigh of relief.

As far as collaborators on the new album, Lambert—who hasn’t yet decided whether he’ll go the solo route or the band path—mentions former Guns ‘n Roses guitarist Slash as a prime choice.

“When we did the mentor shoot at the Roxy, I felt so at home with him onstage,” the singer offers. “I was just like, ‘This guy is so rad.’ Who knows, maybe we’ll be able to record something in the future. I would love that.'”

Welcome to the jungle, baby. Don’t forget your top hat.

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