Jon and Kate Plus 8: The Movie?

Well, there’s already enough drama in their lives, so Jon and Kate Gosselin might as well make it official with a big-screen adaptation.

The Vancouver Sun reports that a movie about the Jon and Kate Plus 8 stars, whose marriage has been jeopardized by rumors of infidelity, is in the works.

“I’ve learned the couple are not feuding as much as they are putting on and are quietly negotiating yet another deal,” the paper quotes Chicago Sun-Times columnist Bill Zwecker as saying.

According to the report, the Gosselins will be working with a ghostwriter to prepare a book about their lives, which will then be adapted into a film.

Moreover, a source at TLC—which airs the couples’ TV show—says that the actors who play the couple will be relative unknowns “picked for their similarities to the Gosselins.”

The makeup department’s probably going to be working overtime to re-create that unique ‘do of Kate’s.

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