Katy Perry Strips Down, Professes Lust for John Mayer

Katy Perry Strips Down, Professes Lust for John Mayer-photo

Katy Perry has something to get off her chest, and not just the shirt that she peeled off for this Complex magazine photo-spread.

During a recent appearance on 2Day FM's Kyle and Jackie O radio show in Australia, the "I Kissed a Girl" songbird—who recently reunited with boyfriend Travis McCoy—confessed that she has the mega-hots for a  certain puppy-eyed crooner and renowned ladies' man.

"I couldn't marry John Mayer, it'd be so intense," Perry noted during a game of Shoot, Shag or Marry, reports OK! Magzine. "I'd definitely shag the sh*t out of him, though. I'll go on record saying that."

Uh, Katy? Thanks for the lovely mental image. Besides, you do know that Mayer's been around the block about 200 times, right? You might want to bust out the industrial-sized drum of Purell for that encounter.

Perry went on to add that she'd marry Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz—a good friend of McCoy's—because "he seems to be good dad."

Oomph! Sounds like poor Travis might want to continue looking for the love of his life.



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  • noah

    Oh, and 100% guarantee that John Mayer follows through on this.

  • noah

    This is exactly how Josh Duhamel roped in that fugly man-beast Fergie.

    I love how celebrities court each other now-a-days. All you have to do is announce how you want to hook up with another celeb in an interview and the other celeb immediately finds out and makes it happen.

    It's pretty much like a glorified version of the Casual Encounters section on Craigs List.