Real Housewives of...Washington D.C.?

Real Housewives of...Washington D.C.?-photo

We've already seen the luxurious and drama-filled lives of housewives in Orange County, New York, New Jersey and Atlanta.

Now Bravo has just announced the latest addition to the popular series, The Real Housewives of Washington, D.C.

Frances Berwick, the Executive Vice President and General Manager of Bravo Media released the following statement, "We’re tapping personalities who are among Washington D.C.’s influential players, cultural connoisseurs, fashion sophisticates and philanthropic leaders —the people who rub elbows with the most prominent people in the country and easily move in the city’s diverse political and social circles."

The show will follow these women as they attend important cultural events, political galas, gallery openings and fundraisers in our nation's capital.

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Will you watch the ladies of Washington, D.C. when the show airs, or does it sound boring?



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  • Funky badger
    Funky badger

    turning nasty. Now we have the Heroin issue with both Charles and Catherine, And her Step mother been related to a IRA terrorist Charles , can we expect to see you selling your camera gear on "DP" soon ? !

  • funky badger
    funky badger

    Yes !!!! They have split !!!!!!!!! Good luck to you Charles. Your a lucky man to get rid of her. Did you find out who she was sleeping with during April and May yet? Do not worry he is not a friend. And did the lies drive you crazy? Its all about her her her .

  • funny

    Cathy..... Hard luck, you treat people like sh*t and now my little box of "saved info" on you will pour into the US media.

  • Reality bites
    Reality bites

    Cathy now goes by "Cat" and parades around pretending to be a reputable "housewife". In the meantime she has lied her way to America. She doesn't even have a proper visa to work in the U.S. So how can she be "working" on American TV? she has lied to Bravo and the U.S. Immigration by failing to disclose her criminal past. She's a cocaine user and a drunk and cheats on her husband every chance she gets. Charles should ask around D.C. and the U.K. and it wont take long to figure it out. She uses people for money and connections in her quest for attention and fame. She cheated on Steve and is doing it again. She has quite a reputation in Spain as well. Feel sorry, really sorry for her daughters.

  • karma

    Catherine Ommanney (Ashley, Davies) is simply a drug addict and thief. She will do anything for money and fame. Even invented having had a night with prince Harry to get her name in the tabloids and money to finance her cocaine habit. No doubt she married Charles Ommanney for his connections in America in order to get herself out of the U.K. where she’s a well-known trash. I’m sure her cocaine and booze use are already quite obvious in D.C. as well as her shameless cheating. Her ex, Steve, was left destitute and destroyed by this scam artist. It won’t be long before Charles is left in the same condition. She has a trail of destruction behind her. Let’s hope the American public and authorities put a stop to this criminal before she ruins the lives of even more people.

  • Reality

    "cathy" left a trail of debts in the UK. Ran off from friends she was in business with, leaving them to pick up the mess. She is a social climber beyond believe. Wonder if she declared her criminal record to US immigration officials? be very careful about what she tells you she has "achieved" Most of it will be lies. The media could have some fun digging up her "past".

  • Reality

    With regards to Catherine Ommanney. who some suggest might be cast. As a ex " Hostess" in a up market strip club in London , a cocaine freak and having a Uk criminal record for theft . lets hope she entertains you all .....

  • Rufus

    Looking forward to the Housewives of DC. There is such a diverse wealth of people there. I will be so disappointed if the cast is not diverse.

  • cbroadhurst

    I can't really say that I will.

  • JellyBean

    DC has some of the most vapid, insipid golddiggers in the country. They're far more pretentious than their NY/NJ counterparts. Think white trash with money; alcoholic Stepford wives; thirty-forty something Botoxed/ boob jobbed homewreckers. It's the real Sin City.

  • noah

    [quote=T Arrington]Finally we will get to follow housewives that contributes to an humanitarian cause and not just brag about their riches and parties in the Hamptons. Haha, you've obviously never lived in DC.

  • T Arrington
    T Arrington

    Hell Yeh I will watch this show. Finally we will get to follow housewives that contributes to an humanitarian cause and not just brag about their riches and parties in the Hamptons.