Tweet Of The Day: Demi Moore's Happy to be Gappy

Tweet Of The Day: Demi Moore's Happy to be Gappy-photo

Demi Moore is not shy when it comes to taking it off! From chopping her hair off for the film G.I. Jane to appearing bare on the cover of Rolling Stone in 1995, Demi has never been bashful about showing the public that less is Moore.

What's she going to remove next?

Her teeth! 

Demi snapped a photo of herself missing a front tooth at the dentist's office and posted it on twitter for the public to see.

This is apparently Moore's way of feeling young again. "I personally thought this look went out after you were eight, didn't know I would be rocking it again," wrote the 46-year-old actress. 

Last time we checked, loosing teeth was a sign of old age too...



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  • carla

    it aint anyone's flippin problem if they last or not! i think they will last n they r a great couple and totally in lurv!

  • keyndra112

    i thank they are a goood couple and they will never break up