VIDEO: Cam Gigandet Just Strolls Along

VIDEO: Cam Gigandet Just Strolls Along-photo

After laying a serious smackdown on some Twilight fans last week in his hilarious Funny Or Die Twilight skit, Cam Gigandet showed off his softer side on Sunday.

The actor, who is currently filming The Roommate alongside Leighton Meester and Minka Kelly, was spotted in Beverly Hills with girlfriend Dominique Geisendorff and their six-week-old baby Everleigh Rae Gigandet. 

Check out video of the happy family below:

The 26-year-old actor looked to be in a great mood and even gave Dominique a big hug for the cameras. Could marriage be on the agenda for these loverbirds? We'd love to see a Twilight wedding!

Have your say in the comments section: Do you think Cam and Dominique will get married?



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  • triplehgirl

    hey camlover, i happy you are a CAM LOVER and support cam, but dom is great, him and his family know that cam can take care of everleigh without being involved with dominique, cam wouldn't be with her if he didnt want to be, he and dom have dated for since before his acting started cam and dom have no drama within their family and their lives. cam's dad said he thinks that they will get married but there are not plans for them to marry this year.

  • camlover

    I think they will probably get married but not because he loves her, only because she is the mother of his child and his parents will probably not like the idea of him abandoning his child. I hope he doesn't marry her! GOLD DIGGER!!!

  • hellen

    i prefer bee's hair big and bouncy because it brings out her black side cus the sleekness jst makes her luks so white no offence white people, nd it also brings out d reall beyonce the sleekness brings out fake bee.

  • triplehgirl

    yea i think they will. his dad told me there are no plans this year. (yet) but i think they might. they are cute together