VIDEO: Jessica Biel Attempts to Sing

Jessica Biel may be insecure about her looks (that is, when she’s not griping about how Hollywood discriminates against her because she’s so attractive), but she’s confident enough to open up her mouth and sing when the role calls for it.

Justin Timberlake’s gal takes a crack at the Noel Coward classic “Mad About the Boy” in her latest film, the 1920s period comedy Easy Virtue.

“I said yes immediately,” when asked to sing in the flick, Biel tells the Boston Herald. “I grew up wanting to be Whitney Houston. I was excited because I hadn’t gotten to sing publicly, if you want to call it that, in a really, really long time.”

Check out the results for yourself in the video below:

Hmm; maybe she should stick to what she knows best?

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