Chris Brown Says He's NOT A Monster

Chris Brown Says He's NOT A Monster-photo

In case you were confused, Chris Brown says that all the blog sites are liars and that he is not a monster.

Wow; apparently, allegedly beating up your mega-famous girlfriend makes you a saint. In a new video on Chris's Youtube, he appears with buddy Bow Wow to profess his innocence. Oh, and he also wants you to buy his upcoming album, Graffiti! How sweet.


Brown is due back in court to face two felony counts on Thursday.

Readers, we want to hear your thoughts below: Do you think Chris will ever have a career again?



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    He has alright music, listened to some it, wasnt bad, But since hearing he beat up Rihanna, he music sounds like sh*t. Yep, he lost alot of fans, well at least i hope he did, becuase if not, then alot of you fools are supporting this idiot, by giving him money so he can take more girls on dates, so he can beat the crap out of him too, when he gets mad. He just needs to get out of the spotlght for a while, he a douch* for coming out with an album so soon. "Hey i beat my girlfriend up but i made a song for her!! that should make up for it"...yeah ok, did it once, you'll do it again,,,just a fact of life.

  • kitkat84

    don't do the crime if u cant do the time!!

  • Idiots

    Bitches eat anything up... long as a singin ass *** says it..

  • Mariah

    i love you chris brown n im still ur fan!!!!!

  • malissa

    that's ok chris we love you well i do

  • celebduck

    What a tool.