Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig: Broadway Buds-to-Be

Broadway’s about to get a lot hunkier, y’all.

The New York Post reports that Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig are set to co-star in “A Steady Rain” on The Great White Way this fall.

The play, written by Keith Huff, involves two Chicago policemen whose friendship is strained when they become entangled in a domestic dispute in a poor neighborhood.

Jackman is a proven commodity on Broadway; his previous starring turn in the musical “The Boys From Oz” raked in $1 million a week during its run and garnered the X-Men Origins: Wolverine star a Tony award.

For his return to Broadway, the Aussie heartthrob apparently wanted to try something a little different.

“Everybody wanted him to do a musical, but he wanted to do a serious play,” says a theater source.

Though only time will tell how Jackman and James Bond actor Craig will gel onstage, one live-theater prognosticator predicts big things for the play, which is being produced by Bond movie overseer Barbara Broccoli.

“Daniel Craig and Hugh Jackman in police uniforms?” the source posits. “All the boys will be there!”

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