Jennifer Aniston Gives the Shirt Off Her Back to Fight Cancer

Jennifer Aniston Gives the Shirt Off Her Back to Fight Cancer-photo

Ever wanted to own a T-shirt autographed by Jennifer Aniston?


Well now's your chance!

OK! Magazine reports that Aniston—along with celebs such as Jack Black, Scarlett Johansson and Kirsten Dunst—are participating in a scavenger hunt to raise funds for Stand Up to Cancer.

The charity organization has launched its Twitterhunt to celebrate its first anniversary, and has hidden T-shirts signed by the stars in 20 cities throughout the country. Hints—some of them from the celebs themselves—are being tweeted out to participants to help them find the booty.

The contest began yesterday and will run until all of the shirts are found, so you'd better get to it.

Happy hunting!



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  • msthain

    i like jen..i think people are too hard on her...

  • Cris

    Jen does charity without tell to the TV or magazines because she gave not to be clapping bud because the creation bless jenn

  • I Hate  Charity Chic
    I Hate Charity Chic

    People claim to hate Aniston so much they actually take time out of their day to write about her. She gives money to charity, millions to St. Judes over the past 15 years. Sorry if you don't like the fact that she doesn't issue a press release EVERY TIME she does something nice for someone. Thankfully, she doesn't belong to the charity chic crowd, those who lecture people about global warming while flying around in a private jet like say, Leo, Clooney and Pitt.

  • hate all celebs
    hate all celebs

    Now, that her latest movie has failed, Aniston tries to get more fame thru the charity route. Shameless is right. Isn't she sick of herself? I certainly am. Can't let go of the spotlight for one second. Ugh, what a fameho!

  • Davin

    She is so cheap and shamelessly so. Always giving used things like old handbags or tshirts. She is quite a miser considering she has 110million or more by now.

  • lol

    I think it's time that someone calls her out on her plastic face. She's worse than Nicole Kidman. I tried to watch marley and me but I could not focus on anything other than Aniston's face. it looked so weird.