Lady GaGa Uncovers on 'Rolling Stone' Cover

Lady GaGa Uncovers on 'Rolling Stone' Cover-photo

Lady GaGa graces the cover of the latest issue of Rolling Stone and, in what is perhaps not a surprising development, she's not wearing a whole lot of clothing in the cover shot, lensed by master photographer David LaChappelle.

The pants-averse "Poker Face" chanteuse reveals plenty in the accompanying interview too. GaGa admits that, prior to achieving stardom with her album The Fame, she practiced for worldwide notoriety by hoovering mounds of cocaine and perfecting her hairstyle and for hours in front of the mirror in her tiny Lower East Side apartment.

"It was quite sick,” she recalls. “I suppose that’s where the vanity of the album came from.”

She also notes that, as wild as her stage persona is, the off-duty hours are when the real freak comes out. "The truth is, the psychotic woman that I truly am comes out when I’m not working,” GaGa 'fesses up. “When I’m not working, I go crazy."

Most importantly, GaGa asserts, she's one-of-a-kind in the music world.

"I don’t feel like I look like the other perfect little pop singers,” she says. “I think I’m changing what people think is sexy."

You can say that again, lady.

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    She's great, perfect combination of scary, artistic, weird, innovative, everything...Of course their will be the people who can't accept someone so bizarre, so strange, so unique. Takes it back to high school, where the geek is pushed around, for being too smart, the person infatuated with music, is ignorantly labeled "band geek", made fun and pushed around, Hey we can even take this mentality as far back as integration, when being black in an all white school, was unaccepted. So unfamiliar that we must do anything to purge ourselves of uniqueness, lets throw stones at them, curse at them, anything to rid ourselves of anyone different from us. Why the fear of anyone a little different from us, we have the right to do what we want to do and the freedom to express ourselves in any way. Do we really need to be the ignorant, sloppy high school student that has to point fingers and laugh at uniqueness? Isnt it about time we open our minds to individuality? Guess not. Lady GAGA is awsome btw, takes guts to sing what she does,/dress the way she does, alot of us, wouldnt have the balls to. =).

  • Janine

    She is beautiful, I like her alot, what i wouldn't give to meet her.. i don't get why everyone thinks she ugly or whatever, shes just different & really thats what the worlds been asking for us. All the different clothes and styles she tries, i like it all alot, I don't say this about alot of girls tho, but she is pretty fit (in my opinion)

  • jess289


  • jess289

    That picture is gross! her hair is decusting and she should put ON son cloths!!

  • tenaj


  • Din Wiisel
    Din Wiisel

    horrible looking woman. she is a sister of amy winehouse, they both look like they have a lot of drugs under the bed.

  • ou-ou

    Not beautiful! Awful!

  • Shona

    I don't want anyone to take this by offense, but i've been reading up on the internet and some websites and magazines have said that Lady GaGa was born a man. She doesn't look like a man, she is very beautiful to be honest. I am very confused and i was like it if i had some proof of what she is, a man or woman.



  • Jen

    Go on google images and search for stefani germanotta... she is a very pretty girl. I like her a lot.. I think she's cool.

  • fassbinder

    GAGA but this is well named, even if it was more beautiful, it would be so stupid. It really traits of a man! I understand why she is hiding behind hats and glasses!

  • jenn

    I think she looks like a cracked out barbie doll... another terrible photo from Lady Gag-gag!!

  • amberly

    it doesn't even look like her. does it hurt to be decent once in a while

  • Alyssa

    if anyone has ever heard of silly boy by her and rihanna. boy, it's gone way too far. it's not their voices anymore :|

  • Signs

    "LOUD NOISES" ^ Brilliant. Anyway, can't say she's doing what hasn't been done. Would anyone else appreciate a bit of modesty from her for once?

  • noah


  • No

    She is SCARY

  • christianuest

    She is MARVELOUS