Justin Long Is Good In a Crisis

Attention ladies; if ever you ever find yourself in battle with a supernatural force, you can always depend on Justin Long…to be no help at all.

Long—who stars in Drag Me to Hell, in theaters on Friday—is quick to admit that, if he were in his character Clay Dalton’s shoes, his reaction would be less than heroic.

“If my girlfriend came to me (like in the movie) and said, ‘I have this curse put on me and I’m going to be dragged to hell by a demon,’ I’d be like, ‘Oh, my God. Just stay away from me. I don’t want to catch it. Don’t give me anything,’ ” Long tells Parade magazine. “Actually, I say the same thing to people who start coughing and sneezing.”

Chivalrous? No. But you have to admire his willingness to give the women in his life plenty of space. All hail the new feminist icon!

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