Selena Gomez Wants to Share Her “Change, Growth and Failure” With You

Finally, a young starlet is poised to reveal herself on the Internet in a positive way.

Wizards of Waverly Place star and Taylor Lautner’s rumored girlfriend Selena Gomez took to her MySpace blog on Tuesday to announce that she’s launching a Web series called Under Pressure, which will chronicle her efforts to complete her first album.

“I am filming my journey through this so you can see how hard I am working to do my best,” Gomez writes. “I am going through change, growth and failure just like everyone else, except mine is open for public scrutiny. Not everything you try in life is a major success.”

Not that she isn’t up for the challenge.

“I have taken my time to find my sound, I have worked hard and about to work even harder,” the 16-year-old adds. “Anybody who tries to bring me down only inspires me.”

Gomez hopes to have the album completed by September.

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