Susan Boyle Has a Filthy, Filthy Mouth

Susan Boyle might sing like an angel, but when she opens her mouth to speak things can get a little devilish.

Us Magazine reports that the Britain’s Got Talent finalist, perhaps cracking under pressure from her newfound fame, has been tossing f-bombs around left and right lately.

The 48-year-old Boyle reportedly cursed out two strangers in the lobby of the Wembley Plaza hotel in North London on Wednesday, screeching, “How f*cking dare you! You can’t f*cking talk to me like that.”

When nearby police officers approached and asked if there was a problem, Boyle reportedly replied, “Of course there’s a f*cking problem” before storming off in tears.

A rep for Boyle claims that she was “provoked” by a tabloid journalist, but this wasn’t the only time that the warbler has let fly with the sailor talk recently.

While watching Britain’s Got Talent judge Piers Morgan praise 12-year-old competitor Shaheen Jafargholi on Tuesday, Boyle, who was watching the episode on TV in the hotel’s bar, reportedly yelled “f*ck off” and made an obscene gesture at the screen in front of a crowd of stunned hotel guests.

Boyle’s rep denies that this exchange occurred.

Somebody better bust out the soap, it sounds like someone’s mouth could use a good washing out…