Susan Boyle Has a Filthy, Filthy Mouth

Susan Boyle Has a Filthy, Filthy Mouth-photo

Susan Boyle might sing like an angel, but when she opens her mouth to speak things can get a little devilish.

Us Magazine reports that the Britain's Got Talent finalist, perhaps cracking under pressure from her newfound fame, has been tossing f-bombs around left and right lately.

The 48-year-old Boyle reportedly cursed out two strangers in the lobby of the Wembley Plaza hotel in North London on Wednesday, screeching, "How f*cking dare you! You can't f*cking talk to me like that."

When nearby police officers approached and asked if there was a problem, Boyle reportedly replied, "Of course there's a f*cking problem" before storming off in tears.

A rep for Boyle claims that she was "provoked" by a tabloid journalist, but this wasn't the only time that the warbler has let fly with the sailor talk recently.

While watching Britain's Got Talent judge Piers Morgan praise 12-year-old competitor Shaheen Jafargholi on Tuesday, Boyle, who was watching the episode on TV in the hotel's bar, reportedly yelled "f*ck off" and made an obscene gesture at the screen in front of a crowd of stunned hotel guests.

Boyle's rep denies that this exchange occurred.

Somebody better bust out the soap, it sounds like someone's mouth could use a good washing out...



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    uebernachtung guenstig

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  • dirty

    i f*cked susan boyles dirty arse

  • Debbie

    SHE IS A MENTAL CASE AND THAT IS WHY SHE HAS NO FRIENDS IN HER HOMETOWN AND KEEPS TO HERSELF. SHE AINT THE SWEET SUGAR EVERYONE THINKS. Liam, why don't you try going through the same thing Susan Boyle had to put up with? I don't exactly think you would enjoy having paparazzi following you around all the time, getting into your face, and recording your every move. If you think that lowly of a very talented woman who is only human even though she has the voice of an angel, why do you waste your time reading articles about her and criticizing her? Get a life and go pick on someone who's actually personally hurt you!

  • Cheryl Kaye Tardif
    Cheryl Kaye Tardif

    Oh, come on, people! Who f*ing cares if Ms. Susan Boyle drops an f-bomb or 10? I don't. If people get in her face or she lets a few fly that's her business. I hear worse on a city bus or in the mall, and mostly from teenagers. Let's not forget that Ms. Susan Boyle has a sensational voice. Don't begrudge her the freedom of letting a few f*ing f-bombs fly. Susan, good for you! You're f*ing amazing! :-) Cheryl Kaye Tardif, Canadian author

  • Lisa Ferguson
    Lisa Ferguson

    I think susan is beautiful, she is a very human and a very real, natural person, she has demonstrated some upset and distress and uttered a few expletives, big deal, who wouldn't get upset with the press, they probably provoked her on purpose just to get the reaction they got, the F word is only a word after all, walk a mile in her shoes before you judge her, if she's not your cup of tea you don't have to watch her, go and watch someone who is your cup of tea and leave the lady alone for the people who think she is great despite her human frailties.

  • Dot

    She's under a lot of stress and who is helping her to cope? She has a winning voice and should've won. However the outbursts may have hurt her, I don't know. We've adopted her that is for sure.

  • Laura

    I am no fan of Susan Boyle but the fact the Americans have latched on to her means that they should at least get their facts straight. The "two strangers" were paparazzi who were trying to get a rise out of her - as for what she said it was all rumoured f-words.

  • mj

    I think she is just super.

  • Liam