True Blood Season 2: Now With More Orgies

Attention, True Blood fans; E! Online has gotten a glimpse of the first four episodes of season 2—which debuts on June 14—and has some inside scoop. If you’re not looking for spoilers about the vamp show, move along.

If you want the dish, sink your teeth into this: Apparently, it’s about to get even sexier in Bon Temps, Louisiana. The first four episodes contain no fewer than three orgies, all of them driven by Maryann’s magic aphrodisiac dust.

Eric Northman, meanwhile, will be getting hot and heavy with another dude. Sookie Stackhouse will also be having an extremely revealing conversation with a new character in the fourth episode.

And if you’re trying to figure out what Merlotte’s new waitress Daphne’s secret is,scour her epidermis for clues.

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