Jon Gosselin Parties While Kate Takes Care Of The Kids

He’s gotta know he’s being watched, right?

Jon and Kate Gosselin of Jon and Kate Plus 8 fame spent their Memorial Day holiday in very separate environments. Kate took her eight children on a boat ride in North Carolina this weekend, while Jon was spotted at an upstate New York bar with two lady friends. One woman looked to be in her mid-20s and another looked to be a bit older. 

Witnesses at the 26 Front Street bar in Newburgh spilled the details to People. The bouncer revealed, ”They came in, approached the bar, got some drinks and then stood off on their own by a railing. They were laughing and talking and they all left together.” 

Jon has denied cheating on his wife, and the bartnender reported a similar story—at least for this occasion. I didn’t see any kissing, touching, caressing or anything like that. They just kind of chilled.” 

The threesome spent about 40 minutes on the bar’s patio, before leaving after their presence started becoming widespread. 

“People tried taking cell phone pictures and they turned around to face the railing and kind of spread out so they weren’t standing so close,” says the bouncer. 

Does it make you angry that Jon is partying while Kate is taking care of the kids? Share your thoughts in the comments!