Kara DioGuardi Outs Adam Lambert

Throughout the past season of American Idol, judge Kara DioGuardi never was one to keep her mouth shut, and so it’s no wonder that she continues to run her mouth after the season has ended.

As everyone knows, the main topic of conversation since last week’s finale has been when, and if, runner up Adam Lambert is going to discuss his sexuality with the American public. 

In today’s interview with The View, the controversial judge told the audience that “I don’t think that Adam was ever in [the closet]. I think he was always openly out.” 

She added, ”I mean from what I’ve seen … I do. I never thought he wasn’t.”

Then, Barbara Walters asked Kara if she thought Adam lost because of his flamboyant personality and look, which included nail polish, eyeliner, and tight clothing. “I hope not,” DioGuardi answered. “Because we should be judging on talent and viability in the music industry, and they both had that.” 

Do you think it’s fair for Kara to be talking about Adam’s sexuality when he’s been very vocal about keeping his personal life separate from his music career? Discuss below!