Lindsay Lohan Just Wants Some Love

Poor Lindsay Lohan has been trying to find love in all the wrong places. 

She can’t turn to Daddy Lohan since he has his own legal issues to deal with! Even though Michael Lohan plead not guilty to the harassment charges for threatening his girlfriend Erin Muller, LiLo is doing something right for once by staying AWAY!

Now if she could only learn to stay away from her ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson. LiLo was spotted leaving her ex-lover’s house on Wednesday looking a little distressed, to say the least.

Could it have anything to do with her being snubbed by rapper Asher Roth during his recent performance at UC Santa Barbara? LiLo’s breakup with Sam might have also created a rift between her and the music scene! But Lindsay’s not having any of it.

So LiLo did what she does best, by twittering about Roth’s “cocky” behavior. 

Maybe her fans will give her the attention she needs! That is if she still has any….