Spencer Pratt: Gone to Pot?

Well, this would explain those wack dance moves.

Star magazine reports that Hills baddie Spencer Pratt has struggled with prescription pill and marijuana use for years—and still tokes up to this very day.

According to a Pratt friend (yes, apparently there’s at least one), Spencer started smoking dope when he was 15 and “fell in love with it…He was smoking every day. He always had a big bag and would share with everyone. He was the King of Weed!”

Spencer Pratt, actually being generous? Well, now this story is starting to sound suspicious.

Nonetheless, Pratt’s blabbermouth buddy goes on to claim that the reality-TV personality was equally gracious with his prescription meds.

“He gave me five [pills] and told me I’d be OK,” the acquaintance recalls. “I didn’t know it was too much. The next day he said, ‘Girl, I gave you so much Valium, and you just handled!'”

The source goes on to note that, after undergoing a rehab stint in Arizona to kick the pills, he once again immersed himself in marijuana six months later.

“One day, he walked in on a party and pulled out a bag of pot and said, ‘We are soooooo getting stoned!’ says the buddy. “No one thought much of it, because at least he was staying away from pills.”

Of course, it’s hard to fault anyone who’s married to Heidi Montag for wanting something to take the edge off.

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