Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston Have a Mac Attack

Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston Have a Mac Attack-photo

Nothing like the overblown '70s rock of Fleetwood Mac to bring a couple of old pals closer together.

Former Friends co-stars Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston descended on the Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles on Thursday night to hear Mick Fleetwood and company blow through a rousing set of their mega-hits.

They even locked arms as they left the show, perhaps basking in the afterglow of Stevie Nicks' otherwordly vocals.

Apparently, Jen has gotten over the fact that Cox spent time with her ex-husband Brad Pitt at a Chris Cornell concert in L.A. earlier this month.

Or maybe the recently single Aniston was hoping that Pitt shows up at every concert Cox goes to?




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  • music4

    why don't you all grow up, like we don't care what you think about, so just go away and leave pple alone tht u don't even no!

  • supahshawty

    This is just a real fake, Jen is only with Courtney because she was hoping that Brad would be there.. Get over it Jen even if you do get Brad, Angie will always play a big part of his LIFE.. As for acting go back to the small screen.

  • uwish

    Jen sucks as an actress Jen sucks as an actress Jen sucks as an actress Angie won an Oscar Angie has Brad Angie has Brads kids Angie's more beautiful Angies Forbes Most Influential This is really gonna make wtf angry And i'm posting on Jens website... the horrors!! I AM an Angie fan, so there!

  • star

    WTF, First off, I have no idea what you're talking about. I'm NOT a Jolie fan. I can't stand Jen or Courtney either, is that so wrong? What, just because I dislike your idol does not mean I like Jolie. A little defensive are we? Next time read SLOWLY and CAREFULLY. I don't think I mentioned Jolie at all, RIGHT WTF? Are you the posting police? Maybe I should become A Jolie fan just to piss off all you stupid Jen lovers. Stop getting all sensitive, geesh!

  • WTF

    Why the hell do Jolie fans comment in a post about Jennifer Aniston? Maybe they should go away with the rest of crazy Jolie fans, right Star?

  • star

    "Lets lock arms tight so everyone will know were still best friends and overrated. Look at us! Look at us! Takes lots of pics so we stay relevant!" Do they really need to lock arms like school kids? Gag! Jen is so clingy. Why don't they go away like the rest of the Friends cast. We don't care anymore!

  • terri

    two lousy actresses! Whoopee!!!

  • Mary

    Beautiful ladies. BBF


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