Kris Allen vs. Justin Gaston: Battle of the Yesterdays

Kris Allen vs. Justin Gaston: Battle of the Yesterdays-photo

One's the winner of the most popular talent contest on the planet, the other's a tween-queen hanger-on who looks pretty okay in his undies.

And yet, Kris Allen and Justin Gaston have more in common than one might at first assume.

Both have recently recorded versions of the Beatles classic "Yesterday"—Gaston in a YouTube video, and Allen during a guest appearance on former Arkansas governor and GOP Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee's Fox News program. (Huckabee even accompanies Allen on the bass.)

Check out the videos below, and let us know in the comments section—whose version do you prefer, Kris' or Justin's?



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  • Deenie

    Justin Gaston by far .. both are very good .. Justin's voice is just so much more melodic in tone. And he writes most of his songs too. He doesn't really do covers. Kris is cute. Isn't he married or something?

  • Jess

    kris is only a america idol..but adam is the america, asia, australia, africa and europe IDOL¡¡¡¡¡ Um, no. I live in Asia and Kris Allen has heaps of fans here.

  • andrea

    kris is way better he won ai he obviously can sing no matter what you adam fans say(this isn't even about adam so enough already) justin can't sing he failed on that wanna be american idol show he needs to go back to his job actually no don't do that hes disgusting i hate seeing his "modeling" pics

  • alain

    kris is better by farrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I love his voice

  • Frankiel

    kris is only a america idol..but adam is the america, asia, australia, africa and europe IDOL¡¡¡¡¡ Are you kidding me! Wake up and smell the cofee. You think America made a mistake then you can move to Burma or China where you should be.

  • Rkc

    ew. Don't even ask the question. What an insult to Kris. HANDS DOWN. KRIS ALLEN. honestly. wow.

  • Pete

    Kris . . . by a lot. That other guy did a decent job, but he has an indistinct voice. Sounds like he might be the best singer in the dorm. Kris has such a warm, distinct sound. In two notes his voice is completely identifiable.

  • Marti

    I have to go with Justin. He's got a better voice.

  • Trish

    Was Justin that kid who pretended to be a country singer on the dreadful Nashville Star last season? He was a very mediocre singer, but is certainly nice eye-candy. His "Yesterday" is just a straight cover, however. Nice tone, but I far prefer Kris's interpretation.

  • loligo

    KRIS ALLEN 100%

  • Los Angeles music
    Los Angeles music

    The Justin guy is doing nothing new or original and is giving a very average bedroom performance of a well known and loved song. Kris Allen is giving us something new and a deeper felt interpretation with a soulful vibe. The clip that you show is poor quality and condensed. The opening was beautiful and without it, you can't understand it as a whole. I'll leave out any critique on the guitar duet part of this and the tinny studio mike and acoustics. I give this one to Kris.

  • boogie

    kris is only a america idol..but adam is the america, asia, australia, africa and europe IDOL¡¡¡¡¡ uh, you can can Adam...we don't want him.

  • To Anita
    To Anita

    Then you can have

  • Diversity

    Kris by a mile. His was very heartfelt - and his tone is more rich.

  • mtlfan

    you don't show the entire performance by Kris (beginning was very good too). This said I think you still try to stir controversy over his win .. isn't it? The other guy has a nice voice but it's still a karaoke kind of performance. Kris is better by a mile for soulful singing and originality

  • jackson

    Kris without a doubt has the most beautiful heartfelt voice. Why does everything concerning Kris have to be about Adam? Kris won, give it a break! Have never heard of Justin.

  • zac

    Justin (nem is tom ki az a Kris Allen!Lilly Allen testvere??:D) Justine hasonlit az eredetiere a Beatle-re!

  • vanessa

    their both very very good. But I'm going to have yt ogo with Kris.

  • Lane

    ugh..justin isn't very good. Kris did way better!

  • Kathy

    Kris. He feels it and is pitch perfect. the other kid can't hold pitch, does not have a good tone to his voice and is just blah.

  • marilyn

    umm.... kris allen no doubt

  • hispanicatthedisco

    Punk-ass Kris Allen had to use a capo. Capos are for cheaters.

  • Annie Yan
    Annie Yan

    Kris Allen without a doubt! The version is sleek, original, and sung with grace and effortlessly almost. He just has 'it'. The kind of talent that is irreplaceable. Adam and Justin Who? cannot compare themselves to. Do we really need to question who is better doing this song... or any song for that matter?

  • emmy

    Kris is the better singer, by far.

  • hispanicatthedisco

    Begrudgingly, I gotta give this round to Justin. Kris went way overboard hamming it up and pretty much butchered the song.

  • Liz

    Justin's sounded too karaoke. He didn't do anything different with that at all. Kris added his own touches to it while still keeping the integrity of the song and melody. And in regards to the comment by Anita ... what is the point? This article has ZERO to do with him.


    kris is only a america idol..but adam is the america, asia, australia, africa and europe IDOL¡¡¡¡¡