The Men Of The MTV Movie Awards

The Men Of The MTV Movie Awards-photo

The boys decided to keep it casual at tonight's MTV Movie Awards.

New Moon star Taylor Lautner showed off his newly buff bod, while co-star Rob Pattinson wore a blue blazer with black pants. Both looks absolutely handsome! 

Check out our huge gallery of hot guys, including Robert Pattinson, Zac Efron, Shia LaBeouf, Cam Gigandet, Zachary Quinto, and Brody Jenner.

Who looked the best? Dish your opinions below! 



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  • butterfly

    Taylor better actor hahahahaha great joke and eww Taylor maybe has great body but he is not that handsome at all..

  • noah

    Why can't he open his eyes?

  • BumbleBri

    [quote=i miss You]I dont fcking think so BumbleBri!Taylor is nothing to Rob!Ad he looked awful I miss you: I did not say that Rob was not nice to look at. On the contrary! I think Rob is just what a man should look like but lets face it, he did not give the performance of a lifetime in the first movie. It did not stop me from seeing it 16 times in the theater though so Suck It!!

  • i miss You
    i miss You

    I dont fcking think so BumbleBri! Taylor is nothing to Rob! Ad he looked awful

  • BumbleBri

    Way to go Kristen...dropping the popcorn!! Taylor looked awesome! I really wish he would have won for best breakthrough male! Rob is hot but Taylor is a better actor! And Rob? What is up with your acceptance speech...should have worked on that! Good trailer!! I am so excited for the movie!!! November couldn't come soon enough!!!